28 June 2016

Bear Paw block tutorial

Since I have been spending the past couple of weeks working on the Modernitional Bear Paw quilt, I thought it would be nice to share a simple tutorial for making the Bear Paw quilt block.

In my "Down on the Farm" post from June 23rd, I shared photos of all the calves born in the past two weeks. And a progress pic of the 940 half square triangles required to finish Step #1 in the Modernitional Bear Paw queen size quilt.

Since then, along with the help of my new Oliso iron.....

I completed the 240 PAW UNITS required to finish Step #2.

And to update the farmyard progress.... 

Pookie had a girl. Meet Midnight.

Bear Paw Quilt Block Tutorial

The following instructions will result in a 7.5” square block including seam allowances and will finish at 7” square. I press all my seams open. If you prefer to press to one side, when making the PAW UNITS press seams toward the Light Brown D square and when making and adding the sashing press toward the Background C rectangles.

Using an accurate 1/4" seam is required. For more information on how to test the accuracy of your 1/4" seam, please click here.

Step 1: Please note that the fabric squares should be ‘sandwiched’ with right sides facing together, and line up on all sides as accurately as possible. The diagram does not show this accuracy for demonstrative purposes. Draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of the Background (B) square. This is your guide line. Place the Background (B) square on the Light Brown (B) square and sew a ¼” seam on EACH SIDE of the blue line from edge to edge, as shown in red. Cut along the blue guide line. Press the seams open and trim each of the resulting Half Square Triangles (HST) to 1.5”. (For a more detailed guide on how to make these HST units please click here.)

Step 2:  Sew these HST units together in opposite pairs. Add the Background (A) square to the top set. Add the Light Brown (D) square to the bottom set. Sew the sets together to complete the PAW UNITS. Block will be 3.5” square including seam allowances and will finish at 3” square.


Step 3:  Sew the PAW UNITS to the sides of the Background (C) rectangles.

Step 4:  To make the CROSS SASHING, sew the Dark Brown (A) square between the Background (C) rectangles.

Step 5:  Sew the CROSS SASHING units between the PAW PAIR sets.

This simple block, used on it's own, would make a handsome traditional style baby quilt. The Grey sashing strips would measure 1.5" x 7.5" and would require Background 1.5" squares for cornerstones. This setting would measure 39" wide by 47" long.

BEAR PAW baby quilt finishes at 39" x 47"

 Here are some other great variations on the Bear Paw quilt:

MOD Bear Paw quilt

For future reference, this Bear Paw block tutorial has been added to my Tutorials page here

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France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Another baby on the farm? Busy days! Maybe busy nights too...?
I always admired bear paws and thank you for this tutorial. I make a few someday.

Lesley Gilbert said...

A beautiful calf and what a lovely name, Midnight. Also thanks for the Bar Claw tutorial and all the other links - I love seeing all the different variations of fabrics used.

Tish Stemple said...

Another cute baby! What does that bring the count up to now? And will there be more? There can never be too many babies :) And for a second I actually though that super cool iron had your name on it, then I realized it's your water mark. Hey, I'd buy an iron from the Sew Fresh Quilts iron line :)

Ioleen said...

Beautiful baby! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm thinking a throw pillow or two.

Ioleen said...

P.S. Love your iron, it looks good with your name on it even if it a watermark.

Paige said...

Oh, I just love the babies on the farm pics! Keep 'em coming! And thanks for the tutorial!

sisylyn2 said...

I plan to use cotton/polyester if I ever get my first quilt done.

Sandra Walker said...

Bear Paw was the first block I ever made to enter into a BOM draw at the LQS, (I had stopped in for fancy lace for dresses I was making my girls--the shop was then mainly a higher-end dressmaking with a litle quilting on the side, place, but it soon became just quilting, and was a Top 10 Shop in Quilt Sampler in 2014!), anyhow,encouraged most boisterously on by my eldest daughter, Brianne, 10 years old at the time (she's 30 on Monday--how did that HAPPEN??) Anyhow, I won the blocks, (so bizarre because I said to her I never win anything) so I had to go back to the LQS and learn what to DO and how to do it, to make all the blocks into a quilt, which Brianne received! Love to see this tutorial and cringe to think of all those little HSTs! Love your new iron!

Cheryl said...

Great tutorial. The Bear Claw is one of my favorite classic block patterns.

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