Ugly Christmas Sweaters QAL

Welcome to the Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt along!  I am really excited about this new idea for a quilt along. I know Christmas 2015 is over.... But if we start now, everyone should have finished Christmas quilt in time for Christmas 2016. Hahaha!

Happily, Michael Miller Fabrics is as excited to see this come to life as I am, and will be sponsoring this project. Follow along and watch as these sweet solids from their Cotton Couture collection become the most adorable Ugly Christmas Sweaters you ever seen!

For my samples I will be using Watermelon, Soft White, Orange, Mango, Canary, Turquoise, Luna, Asparagus, Acid green and Princess pink. Also Festive Nest for the background and for the backing, there is (appropriately!) Sweater WeatherBoth are from the Festive Forest collection by Tamara Kate.

Beginning February 1st, this quilt along will get underway and we would like to encourage you to quilt along. You can make as many or as few blocks as you like. Make a quilt or make a mini. Make a cushion. A table runner. A bed runner! Make whatever your imagination leads you to make!

The Ugly Christmas Sweaters blocks finish at 12" square.
And each block features a 6" block on the sweater.

Using 1" sashing and borders, there are four sizes of quilts.
1 block Single Block Mini finishes at 14" x 14"
4 block Mini finishes at 27" x 27"
16 block Medium finishes at 53" x 53"
20 block Maxi finishes at 53" x 66"

Here are some examples of how your Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt could look....

Single Block Super Mini size 14" x 14"

4 Block Mini size 27" x 27"

16 Block Medium size 53" x 53"

20 Block Maxi size 53" x 66"

I will be sharing tutorials for some 6" blocks, two each week. Along with each block tutorial, I will also share the instructions for building the sweater block setting that I used. There are three designs. Here you can find the FREE Colouring Page for download to make your plan!

As each post is published the live links will be added to the schedule.

Here is the schedule:

January 18: Introduction and Fabric Requirements
January 22: Maxi size and Super Mini quilts Finished
February 1: Simple 9 Patch block
February 4: Friendship Star block
February 8: Shoe Fly block
February 11: Eccentric Star block
February 15: Churn Dash block
February 18: Grecian Square block
February 22: Two by Two block
February 25Two by Three block
February 29: Turnstile block
March 3: Swedish Star block
March 7Weathervane block
March 10: Log Cabin block
March 14: Ohio Star block
March 17: Economy Square block
March 21Christmas Gift block
March 24: Christmas Tree block
March 28Simple Christmas Tree block
March 31: Wreath and Berries block
April 4: Christmas Stocking block
April 7: Winter Mittens block
April 11Wonky Star block

------------------------ Two Week Break for Block Assembly -------------------------------

April 29: Sashing and Borders - Quilt Assembly - Binding
April 29: HST Bonus Project - Sewing Machine Mat

------------------------ One Month Break for Quilting & Binding -------------------------------

May 31: the Ugly Christmas Sweaters "SHOW it OFF!" never ending linky party begins

A quilt along is always more fun than quilting alone.
Want to get in on the fun?
Then grab a button below and share it on your blog!

Sew Fresh Quilts

If you are interested in quilting along, please add the button to your blog and help to spread the word. Also....  Please feel free to share via social media!  And add the hashtag #uglychristmassweatersqal

Do you have a Flickr account?
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It is not necessary to purchase the pattern in order to participate.  But if you would prefer the convenience of using a printable pdf pattern, Ugly Christmas Sweaters is available for purchase and includes complete cutting instructions and a detailed guide to finishing the entire quilt in any of the four different sizes listed.  The pattern is available in my pattern store here.

Keep On Quilting On!

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Anonymous said...

These are going to be so cute! I'm definitely going to join in! :)

Carol Swift said...

These are adorable! I don't know how you do it and I can't even begin to keep up with you. This will have to be on my to-do it!

Marian said...

This is to cute Lorna, I'll definitely be following along. Love the pattern. I'll post the logo on my blog also.

Aunt Marti said...

Lorna, I love MM CC -- but my LQS doesn't carry it! Any chance you'll have a kit available?

Zanymouse said...

I can't not participate, this quilt is so adorable!

Cut&Alter said...

Sooo looking forward to it!!!

DamitJanet said...

So Looking forward to this. Count me in! - Bakersfield California

Becky said...

I want to do this one! I'm a bit late to the party, but hopefully can catch up. It will be my first ever actual "quilt along, too". I've saved people's quilt blocks, but never actually done a quilt along..

But I love this one!

legato1958 said...

Such a cute and happy way to use those HST leftovers!!

Unknown said...

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