31 December 2012

Enchantment progress

I made it through Friday's shopping trip with the girls unscathed, but rather bored.  Five hours in the mall was at least four hours too long for me.  But I did get some more graph paper and made good use of my time.  I sat in the food court and drew up some quilty ideas.

We stopped at an art and craft store after the mall and I found some mini buttons.  I was pleased with that and grabbed 5 packs of them.  Been looking all over for minis!  They will make great eyes for little quilted critters.

I spent the entire day yesterday working on those pinwheel blocks.  I have to admit that I wasn't sure if the quilt was going to turn out to be as spectacular in real life as what I imagined.  But now that I am moving on to the part where I am sewing the blocks into panels, I am loving how nice it is turning out.  And am excited to see this quilt top finished!

But it has been very hard on the brain!  I now realize that if I was simply sewing the blocks into rows, it would be easy to line up the seams in order for them to 'nest' together.  Because I am making panels and using three different sizes of blocks.... That's another story!  Sew.....  Today I have drawn out the block layout and reversed it to show how it would look from the back.  Now I am doodling little arrows for all the seams.  What fun!

Decided to write up a pattern for this quilt and see if anyone else would be able to understand and follow the directions.  When the quilt is completed and I am done writing the instructions, I would like to see if I could sell the pattern.

Here are a couple shots of some of the panels....  (Sorry they are sew fuzzy)

 Thanks for stopping by!  Talk to you later when I have some more Sew Fresh news....


27 December 2012

Enchantment 5" Blocks

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished pinwheel blocks for the Enchantment Sew Fresh Quilt.

Won't be able to work on these blocks tomorrow.  Will be taking my daughter and her friend shopping in Kitchener.  Not much of a shopper myself..... Unless I'm in a fabric shop!  Sew...  I'll have to bring along a sketch book and some quilt books along to keep myself occupied while I'm sitting in the food court.

Spoonflower! Sew easy to use.... Even on dial-up!

A big Thank You! to Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts for posting about Spoonflower.  I visited their website tonight and was able to upload a picture to use for Sew Fresh Quilt labels and have placed my order!

Worked hard on the pinwheels for the Enchantment quilt today.  It's designed to fit a twin size bed. All the fabric for the top is cut out and most of the smaller 1/2 square triangles have been assembled.

I also edited the pattern I originally designed.  The plan now includes a few 15" blocks in addition to the 5" and 10" blocks.  The design using the three block sizes gives more of a flowing feel and looks less boxy.  The 15" blocks are in the feature fabric with white geometric tone on tone.  Half of the 10" blocks are in the darkest pink with the geometric tone on tone and the other half are in the darkest orange.  The 5" are in a mixture of three shades of pink, three shades of orange and also in the feature fabric.  These were all done using a white tone on tone with a medium floral print.

Not the greatest free motion quilter, but I am determined to give it a go.  Already have a design in mind for that and am looking forward to trying it.

Will have to borrow my daughter's ipod and get a picture of the progress on here tomorrow!

25 December 2012

Enchantment - Pinwheels

Merry Christmas everyone!  I came home from the annual Christmas Eve pageant tonight and could not wait to get started on a Sew Fresh pinwheel quilt I've been thinking of for a few days now.  So I cut some strips and chopped them up into squares.  I did not realize how nice orange and pink compliment each other until I found this focus fabric.

The white is a tone on tone, but because I could not get my camera to upload photos to my computer, I scanned this fabric and the tone on tone does not show.

Next step will be creating 1/2 square triangles and arranging them into the pinwheels.

24 December 2012

Sew Fresh Quilts - New Year's Resolution

I have never been one to make (or follow through with) New Year's Resolutions.  But this year I am determined to make and keep some quilting/blogging resolutions.  Perhaps they will be easier than losing weight or quitting smoking!  Perhaps not... However, I am certain these resolutions will far less painful to accomplish. Here is my list of Quilting Resolutions for 2013:

1) Convince at least one high speed internet service provider that we do not live in the Canadian version of the Bermuda triangle.

2) Make a blog post at least once per month.

3) Share pictures of my quilts in progress and every finished Sew Fresh Quilt.

4) Make quilt labels and incorporate them into a pieced backing as seen in the new book Skip The Borders by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.

5) Use binding flange on some projects.  Julie also mentions this technique in her book.  For anyone who is tired of sewing the binding onto the back of a quilt by hand, Yolanda has a great tutorial on adding a machine pieced binding and flange together.  This method uses machine stitching to attach the binding and flange to the back of the quilt.  The final side of the binding flange is then wrapped to the front of the quilt and top stitched in place by quilting in the ditch where the flange and binding meet.

6) Design original quilt patterns and instructions.

7) Develop a business plan to sell some Sew Fresh Quilts.

Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Quilty New Year!!!!

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