21 February 2013

Spring time baby quilt

Well, all the snow days the kids have had off school must be really getting to me.... Because I designed another baby quilt and this one has a spring theme and spring colours!

After working on writing up a pattern for the Krazy Katz quilt, I just about got a headache from all that thinking.  It's not easy to explain how to do something without actually talking to someone or being able to show them, like it would be face to face.

So I was happy (and relieved!) to be able to sit down with Janome and some graph paper and do a little doodling.  And then to get out some happy coloured fabric...  That's one thing I love about those see through plastic totes I have lined up on the shelves above my desk!  They were calling me....

Soon after deciding on a plan, I was lining up some 3.5" squares and seeing what looked good to me.

I asked my daughter, Erin what she thought of this layout.  She told me I should remove the bottom rows and the one on the right.  She obviously thought this layout looked unbalanced.  And she was looking for symmetry.

I may be a bit unbalanced, because I can see that although this layout is not symmetrical, it does have balance.  It's just offset.

Before beginning the assembly, there were a few minor changes made... and I planted some seeds.  Can you picture the flowers that are ready to spring up?  Can you see the dappled sunlight?  More to come!


Sherry said...

Looking forward to seeing the flowers!

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks Sherry! Me too! The ones on the quilt AND the real ones that will be sprouting up in the gardens outside this spring...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna!
I found myself shopping for a quilt on your website! I am a new Gramma! Lucia Viola Raskevicius was born March 8th, 9:44 p.m.! So.... am looking your site over! This is cool. I now want to buy something from you. I'm not much of a shopper so finding your site and knowing you makes this more special for me. Looking forward to doing business!

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