25 February 2013

Spring is just around the corner!

Won't be long now... The flowers have bloomed!  But there still seems to Bee something missing???

The big finish will have to wait... I've been sidetracked, but gladly!

First thing after the kids got on the bus for school this morning, I dutifully did the dishes.
Then I made it to the fabric sale - feeling all guilt free!

Following the purchase of some new, luscious fabric.... I went to see my friend Linda at her workplace.
She has been a volunteer quilter for Victoria's Quilts for some time now and introduced me to helping make quilts for them too.

Linda gave me some more white tone on tone so I can finish my first quilt top, as I posted before.
And she asked if I could quilt this one for her, shown below....

Linda did a super job with the design and construction of this quilt.  It's a manly one!  I love the ducks on the flannel backing!

I already quilted around the sashing, but now am thinking - What to do for in the large squares?  Any ideas for an easy free-motion design that would suit this wonderful quilt?  Sure would appreciate any suggestions!


Karin said...

Hi Lorna...what about a zig-zaggy pattern like Zippling (Leah Day - FMQ). I always think that looks rather masculine. Or, another idea, a swirl with a hook pattern, my personal favourite.
BTW, I did sent you an email over your Gmail account re your Enchantment pattern...did you ever get it?

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks sew much for your suggestions, Karin! Also appreciate your mention of the email. What a mix-up!

Laura said...

This is looking good. I cannot wait to see the finish product.

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks Laura! I finished the quilting on the Victoria's Quilt today. Then I chose a backing and now have the little Spring quilt ready to get quilted tomorrow. Should have pics up in a new post soon. Drop by anytime and thanks for leaving a comment!

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