23 February 2013

Spring is in the Air...

Life on the farm: Saturday morning.  First thing - even before coffee - got a request for help from my hubby.  Can I come outside and help?

We have a humble operation, with only 50 acres and tractors and equipment that are older than I am.  Now, you can call the tractor an antique, but I prefer to be referred to as a classic!  So, the loader tractor with the bucket and bale prong on front is our summer tractor.  And it is not summer right now.  This requires the big tractor to be used to tow the loader tractor, using a big logging chain, to get the summer tractor going.  Most of the time we end up going all the way down our driveway and halfway down the mile and a quarter before the loader will sputter and smoke, signalling it's awakening, but it was milder out today and it started within 5 feet.  Things appeared to be going our way!

Not so....  The husband gets a large square bale of straw loaded onto the bale prong... and then sits and spins in the icy, sloppy snow trying to back it up and bring it in to the barn.  Get out the logging chain again and pull him free.  No problem.

But he needs to back into the cattle yard to put the straw bale into the barn, so he tries repeatedly to turn the tractor around... Sets the bale down and takes a run at it... spears it again with the prong and lifts while in motion.... Prong goes up through bale and breaks the strings holding the bale together.  Straw bale explodes all over the driveway.  And sew does the husband...

I take this as my cue to go for that coffee I missed.  Husband comes back to the house, rants, raves and goes on about having had enough (again) and we go back out.  Forked all the straw over the gate and then re-forked it into the barn.  Cows happy.  Husband apologizes.  Me happy.

Now to do it all again with a large round bale of hay for the feeder...  This part went much more smoothly and did not require towing, forking or freaking out.

Thankfully, I did make some small progress on the Spring Time baby quilt after all the fun outside. I made a final decision on the flowers - what colours, shape, applique method - to use.  These decisions were harder to make than I expected.  But I am satisfied and have three of thirteen blooming!

Meanwhile, I was also busy finishing up a few details on patterns and now have them for sale in my Craftsy pattern store.  And I even sold one today!  Yeah!  Thanks Barbara!

Will get pictures up here by Monday, hopefully, of the completely completed quilt top in full bloom.
There is, however, a 40% off sale at our local Spinrite Factory Outlet.  This is really a yarn outlet, but they do have a small corner crammed with fabric and it is enough to keep my stash mostly satisfied.  Of course I will have to wait until after that shopping trip to work on the quilt.  Fabric shopping always seems be the number one priority over most other things... Including the dishes - which are staring me down right now.  I'm ignoring them - as usual.  I promise I will get them done... tomorrow.

What takes priority when you are working on a quilt?  Housework first or after a finish?  Using up your stash or shopping for more?


Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

When I'm working on a quilt, THAT'S the priority! :-) Luckily my kids are old enough to fend for themselves until I take a break and I often have the privilege of my sweetie making the meals so I don't have to stop early. You know the housework is a constant so no point interrupting a therapeutic sewing session for that. I'm trying very hard to use up my stash (which I've been told is the equivalent to a small shop-I don't believe that)this year but it's a bit of a revolving stash. Since we don't have a huge selection of shops here, I do tend to horde fabric for a while. I love shopping for fabric in person so it's probably best for my bank account that I have to do it online. :-)

Lorna McMahon said...

Love your attitude concerning a quilt project taking priority, Elita. Housework will always be there. Glad to hear your other half understands and does his part to help out, too. Fabric shops are few (and small) and far between where I am, too. I have not yet bought anything online, but seeing some blog posts does cause me some stash envy! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

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