6 February 2013

Baby Boy - Puppy Love - Completed quilt

I am sew pleased with the finished Puppy Love quilt!

This project was my first for a few things. One is that it is the first quilt I have ever made using this batting - a combination poly/cotton.  It is fluffier than cotton, but nicer to work with than polyester.  And it's cuddly!

Another first was that I used a flannel backing. And I love it. It's so soft!

The third first for me was using this great tutorial for adding a binding with flange.  It is completely sewn by machine.  And is the first one I have tried that I was thoroughly pleased with in the end.  This method does leave a seam on the back, but I used the same white thread in the bobbin that I used to quilt and piece the whole quilt.

Here is a close up of the quilting.  This was also the first quilt I have made by pressing the seams open.  And I am certainly glad I tried it.  I had no trouble getting the seams to line up.  Pinning them was not so bad.  The open seams forced me out of my 'quilt in the ditch' comfort zone.  I've always admired the quilting by +Rita Hodge on her patchwork quilts.  The different block sizes in this design mean that my seams do not run all the way across the quilt and so this method of quilting also allowed me to turn around and come back out.  No tied off and hidden ends!

I asked my son, Russell, which puppy was his favorite.  He liked the brown one in the top right corner, but I love the little Scottie.

Another label by Spoonflower used.  I ladder stitched the top and left side by hand and sewed the right and bottom side on with the binding, which is applied first to the back and then wrapped to the front.  I like the way the wonky dog bones quilting is stitched right through the label!

I am so revved up about this little quilt.  And can't wait until tomorrow.... when I start choosing fabrics for a girl's version using this design... in a kitten theme.

And then maybe a forest friends one.  Or farm animals.  Because I'd also like to do a gender neutral quilt.  

This is exactly why I am glad to have found a method of machine binding that I am happy with.  I have all these ideas piling up and can't wait to get at the next one!

Do you think about your next quilting project before you even finish with the one you're on? 


Marj said...

I love how cute this little quilt is. Can hardly wait to see what you do with the kittens.
And yes I am always thinking about the next quilt before I finish the one I am working on. Maybe that is why I have so many UFOs.
Thanks for sharing the link to the flanged binding.

Eunique said...

Wow, Lorna, I can't believe how quickly you finished this. You need to get snowed in more often! It turned out great. I like the binding. Thanks for sharing the link.

Lorna McMahon said...

When I started quilting, I promised myself I would not make UFO's because I have had a lifetime of starting things I never finish. I have not kept my promise completely... But I have a great average! Your welcome for the link. I looked at a lot of tutorials before I found one that I was interested in trying. Hand stitched binding just looks so good, but takes so long!

Lorna McMahon said...

I hear it's supposed to snow some more! Yeah!

Laura said...

Lorna, this is very cute. I love the puppies they are precious. The brown one is my favorite. Snowed in? I can only dream today it is 78F here in Arlington, Texas Send some to me. I have been pretty good I have a To-Do list in order and fabric to do them. I have a nice stash growing though. I want to do a friend a Sunbonnet Sue quilt to replace the one, that I remember seeing only once when we were teens, she lost in Katrina. I am safe in saying it here because she does not read blogs...

Lorna McMahon said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for dropping by! Thanks also for sharing... A stash is a lovely thing, isn't it. I am a fabric junkie! That is sweet for you to plan on replacing your friends' quilt. You are a true friend!

Chumkie said...

Such a cute puppy quilt! I am a brand new follower of your blog and will make sure to visit whenever you have a new post!
My Favourite Things.

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks for following, Chumkie! Hope you like Kittens too!

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