25 February 2013

Liebster Award fun!

I had heard about this award... 

Seen it posted on many of the blogs I have visited... 

Wondered what it would feel like to be nominated for the Liebster Award... 

Wondered what Liebster meant!

And now, I have the answer to all these questions, and sew many more!
I did some research...

Why me?  This award is presented to smaller blogs as a form of recognition and support.  "Smaller blog" is defined as a blog that was started within the past 6 months and/or has fewer than 200 followers.
What is Liebster?  Liebster means "dearest" or "favourite" in German.

How do I feel to be nominated?  It's been a transitional feeling.... At first I was surprised.  Then honoured.  Then intimidated with the great responsibility!  But now I feel excited to participate in this fun filled event!

Apparently, there are many versions of what is expected as a recipient of this award, but I am glad to be a part of this version because it involves sew much more fun stuff to do!

You are not obligated to participate, but if you choose to accept this mission, here are your objectives:

  • Let the person that nominated you know you are willing to participate by commenting on their blog
  • Create a blog post, in which, you thank them for the nomination and link back to their blog
  • In your blog post, also include 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions posed to you
  • Present the award to 11 other small blogs, posing 11 new questions for them to answer
  • And post the award on your blog (I found 4 sample Liebster Awards online and included them in this post so you would have a choice of which style you like best!)
To begin with...
I want to send out a GREAT BIG 'Thank You!' to +Elita Sharpe of Busy Needle Quilting, for nominating me for this award.  I humbly accept and will thoroughly carry out the responsibility this honour entails!

11 random pieces of me:
1- Am a self confessed fabric junkie
2- Have my motorcycle license but haven’t ridden since becoming a mama
3- Used to listen to the Steve Miller Band... now I listen to the Glen Miller Band
4- Am a Christian, of the Lutheran faith, and am a Sunday school teacher
5- Am trying to grow old gracefully... but I tend to be more grateful than graceful
6- Have lived on both the east and the west coasts of Canada and many places all over Ontario
7- Used to really enjoy researching family and church history before I got hooked on quilting
8- Hate beer – Love coffee
9- Jack Russell terriers are my favourite dogs
10- Thumb my nose at the ‘Quilt Police’
11- Have not been able to use purple in any of my quilting projects to date

These are my answers to Elita’s questions (with pictures where appropriate):

   What would we be surprised to find in your closet? Jeans that still fit me.  Since reaching age 40 six years ago, I seem to have gained some of my pregnancy weight back.  Sew I love to wear pajamas and t-shirts around the house!  I think it’s appropriate to wear sleepwear while creating quilts... Kind of go together rather nicely, don’t they?

     Do you have a favourite beverage while quilting?
I love my coffee, but rarely drink it while quilting.  I like my coffee hot, sew it ends up getting to cold when I am getting busy with Janome.

    What is the one item you would never part with? (quilty or otherwise)  My sanity!  I am holding onto that last meager scrap until the end!

   Do you have a favourite brand of thread?
Gütermann seams to be my thread of choice.... Mostly because, when it comes to quality thread that is readily available to me here, there is no other choice. 

  Do you have a morning and/or evening routine?
I like to get up about an hour before the kids do to catching up on email and read the new blog posts made by my favorite bloggers.  This is when I get a good coffee fix in.  Once the kids have retired for the evening, I have to quit quilting.  My daughter’s room is next to the quilting hallway, sew I come back out to do some more cyber surfing.  Or fall asleep watching Duck Dynasty...


    What is your best quilty memory?
Designing my first quilt, Krazy Katz, for my daughter, Erin.  This project set me on the quilting journey that is now my life and that fills my dreams.
What is your favourite music to listen to while quilting? 
I don’t listen to the radio.  But I do like to listen to the soundtrack for movies that are playing on the Turner Classic Movie channel on the t.v. in the living room.


    What is your next project going to be?
A full size quilt... That’s all I have in mind sew far.  I have been making baby quilts lately and am itching to design a large project again.

    What is the farthest you have ever travelled for a quilting event?
Not far enough.  I don’t even know if this counts, but we have a small local fair that the kids and I have been attending and participating in since their first years of attending school.  I entered a few quilted items this past fall and did really well.... But then again, I got first for my Krazy Katz when there were only three entries!  It would be a dream to go on a get-away quilting event somewhere .... Anywhere!

    Are you a hands-on or lecture-style learner?
Hands-on... Mostly hands-on-line.  I have learned a lot from searching through Google.  Thank you to all the online quilters out there who have shared their tutorials, pictures, experiences, joys and frustrations!

  If you could do anything, have any occupation, what would it be? (Note: pictures not appropriate)
Hey, I already did everything else!  I love what I'm doing right now.  Quilting!

Now, these are the questions to be answered (with pics please!) by those listed below...

1 What/who inspired you to start quilting?
2 If you were able to change one thing about your quilting area, what would it be?
3 What are your favourite quilting books/magazines?
4 If you could time travel, where would you like to go?
5 What comes to mind when you think of the term ‘Quilt Police’?
6 Do you listen to music, watch t.v., daydream or think only of the task at hand while quilting?
7 Which colour do you use the most in your quilts and which colour do you rarely or never use?
8 Where in the world are you?  Where have you been?
9 If you could give up any one household chore, what would you choose?
10 If you could no longer buy fabric online or at any fabric shops ever again, what would you do?
11 How old were you when you first used a needle and thread, either by hand or machine?

The following is a list of those who I would like to recognize.  I cheated and chose 13!  I enjoy reading the latest posts from these wonderful bloggers while I'm having my morning coffee.  Their blogs are a mix of fun, interesting, informative, touching, inspiring posts.  I hope you'll want to join them, as we all live out our quilt-filled, online lives together!

Kelly @ Where's My Seam Ripper?

A very pretty lady @ Quilt Link

Marj @ Eclectic Quilter

Liz @ Liz’s Love Things

Mallorie @ Everyday Quilter

Barbara @ wont-to-be-quilter

Mel (a contributor) @ Sugar Bowl Crafts

Sally @ Salamanda’s Paper Aventure

Elaine and Les @ We Quilt

Sherry @ Quilts, Fabric, Thread Tales

Lani @ Simply Fresh Vintage

Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt in a Day

Marelize @ Stitch by Stitch


Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

Oh what an awesome post, Lorna! You did the Liebster Award proud and I loved learning more about you!

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks sew much, Elita! What can I say... You bring out the best in me!

Mallorie Anderson said...

Oh Wow! You did an amazing job :) I'm honored you nominated me. I will most def. make a post and include pictures! I might also be cheating since this is the second one I've gotten, but it made my day so I'm going with it! Thanks so much Lorna

salamanda said...

Well done and yes I will create a post to answer this but you will have to wait until the weekend as I am snowed under with work on my day job.

Lorna McMahon said...

Apparently you are not the only one who has had this honour before, but it doesn't say you can only get the award once. Besides who makes these rules??? The Quilt Police??? Thumb your nose to them! But I am sew glad to hear that you are looking forward to participating, Mallorie!

Lorna McMahon said...

No problem, Sally. Will look forward to seeing your post! Don't work too hard...

Eunique said...

Lorna, love all the info. The pregnancy weight comment made me laugh. Love your sense of humor.

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks, Eunique! It was a lot of fun doing this post. Glad you enjoyed!

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