19 January 2013

Janome's Home!

I went to Stratford on Thursday and retrieved my beloved Janome.  He passed his physical with flying colours!

While I was there, I seen some of his newer, bigger, (much more expensive) cousins.  There were some real beauties there.  But I am happy with my Janome.... For now.

I also did a little fabric shopping while I was in town.  My son now refers to me as a fabric junkie!  I am not ashamed!

We set to work first thing on Friday morning.  I designed a 'pixel' quilt in 3" squares to make a Fall Leaves couch quilt.  So now it is Saturday, supper time, and I have completed 17 of the 20 rows to make the quilt.

I know...  I know...   I really should have started working on the backing for the Enchantment pinwheel quilt, but I am not yet sure what I am going to do for the backing.  Whole cloth.... Pieced....  And what colour???  Sew, I figured starting something new would give me time to think about it.

Tomorrow, straight after church, I will be back at the Fall Leaves quilt.  And complete the top.

Do you feel like you have to finish a quilt before starting on something new?  Do you find you lose interest in finishing a quilt if you don't?


Shannon Wilson said...

I have seeing/quilting ADHD. I have so many projects that I want to do. But my quilting resolution is to not start one more than 2 quilts at the same time. We'll seeeeee. Nice blog.

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Shannon. Great resolution. Almost do-able... No more than two at a time? Good luck with that! We all have the greatest of intentions, don't we?

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