31 January 2013

Boys Baby Quilt - Puppy Love

Remember when I took the girls shopping in Kitchener a while back?  I sat in the food court for about four hours that day...  Well, I did do a lot of doodling that day and came up with a few ideas for more quilts.

The next project will be a boys baby quilt with puppies!

 Here is a sample pup.

Here is a peek at some fresh fabric choices for this project.

I have some other fabrics to go with this pile...  But I am wondering about the puppies... They are going to be appliqued onto four main blocks.  Should I use these fabrics and make colourful dogs or should I choose browns, beiges, greys, black and white for the puppies?  What do you think?


Michelle said...

I'd go for colorful dogs! :-)

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks so much for your input, Michelle! You are the second one to go for color!

Anonymous said...

I would go for a brown puppy. That just seems pretty in my mind up against all those pretty colors. Vicki

Lorna McMahon said...

I'm leaning your way, Vicki.... I got the fabrics out this morning, laid them out and then placed some blacks and whites and some browns beside them. I liked the look. Will have the puppy blocks up here soon.

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