7 January 2013

Chain Linked - Eye Candy!

Glorious Monday!  Never thought I'd ever be fond of Monday's, but the kids are back in school - and although I love them - sometimes its nice to have a quiet house and to be alone with Janome.

And although there are dirty dishes on my counter, Janome and I made good progress.  I got the "Chain Linked" quilt basted and quilted today!  Can't wait until tomorrow to apply the binding.  Tried to take a few pictures while it was getting basted, but my daughter had changed the password on her ipod, so pictures tomorrow.

See you then!


Barbara Alles Kahle said...

Wow! You are a quilter! No wonder you love your Janome. What a talented and busy lady!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barbara! We meet again!

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