22 January 2013

Blogging about Buttons...

I have spent the whole morning ignoring my dirty dishes and trying to get working buttons on this blog.  I found some nice little buttons on this Dan and Noah site.

Sew it seams....  they are all working, except the Twitter one.  That's appropriate.  So I thought I would do a test blog post to see if that will help.  HELP!

Seriously, I have not much faith in myself when it comes to this stuff.  But I am trying to learn as much as I can about this cyber stuff although I really would rather be sewing stuff....

The kids are home from school today because we got a lot of snow last night.  Yet, neither of them looked at that pile of dishes and offered to do them.  Hmmm....

Addition:  Got the Twitter button working!  Helped my husband get the snow blower hooked up to the tractor.  Got the kids to help do the dishes.  And went to the public library and the grocery store.  Good day, but, sadly, no sewing...  Love that hubby and those kids, but sure hope tomorrow is not a snow day.

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