1 January 2020

2020 Gonna Bee My (Happy New) Year!

It's all Thanks to YOU! 

Thank you for the kind comments left on my last blog post. Your friendship and support mean so much to me and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends. I sure did! And I look forward to this NEW YEAR with you!!!

In case you missed that post, here is one of the highlights...

It's such an amazing feeling, welcoming in YET ANOTHER WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

I feel wonderful too and I am looking forward to sewing the NEW YEAR away!

COME ON 2020!

Bring it on....

I don't know what has come over me.....

Honestly, things are just flowing!!!

It's all Thanks to YOU!

Thanks to some REALLY WONDERFUL followers, I am being inundated with requests for new ideas.... And some of them are working into something SIMPLY MAGICAL!

On December 30th, I received this email from Susan....

"Hi Lorna, I ordered the blackbird quilt last summer. I have never quilted before and decided to do potholders rather than a quilt. It has been a great way to try out the quilting process, start to finish, and my family loved the potholders I gave them for Christmas. I have found very little for a true beginner and just wanted to pass this along.  

If there is a market out there for people like me, it might be a great thing for you to advertise - especially since you were so responsive when I ran into a problem this summer. I did a place mat as well - different pattern - and really disappointed and never finished.  Just a thought because I love your patterns and my family loved the results - I sent them links to your site. Thank you! Susan"

For all the people like Susan that truly understand I am a real person. Not a corporation. Just like you. To be honest. helping someone through their difficulty is so rewarding. And hearing her appreciation in a personal email means an awful LOT TO ME!!!!


Thank you for emailing me with your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. An unasked question never gets answered. So who remains stupid? Not me! I will ask. And if you ask me, I will do my very best to answer.

As for being a human being, sometimes I make mistakes. Mostly every day. I make at least one. Thank you to everyone that realizes I am human. And I certainly do appreciate when people let me know they have found an error. Then it can be corrected. That's wonderful news for anyone who follows the pattern next.

I am not perfect. 
And do make mistakes.
And I love you for understanding that. 
And accepting me in spite of it!


Over the years, there have been a few occasions where a quilter has taken one of my blocks, done the math to double the size of the block, and then proudly displays their SUPER SIZED masterpieces!!! I LOVE THISSSSSS! 

When I see people using their creativity..... 


Made by Melissa Marginet and shared on Instagram by walking.foot.quilting.designs, these Fox blocks were doubled in size to make a quick, cute finish in solids! 

It has been quite some time since I last shared a tutorial post. 

New Post for 2020:
SUPER SIZED - The Math - How to change the size of any traditionally pieced quilt block.

LOOKING for other SUPER SIZED blocks?
BIG PHAT ZOO includes a zebra and giraffe.

I am looking for good subject matter for other posts of interest.
If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!!!

It's all Thanks to YOU!

On Christmas Day, Janice wrote this email to me....

"I just love all your quilt patterns! Your imagination and talent are such a gift to all. I was wondering if one day you could design one for children and sports, esp. hockey! I had 10 sons and hockey was #1 in their lives :)  Found this pic of a Christmas tree and thought of you. Any chance on designs in the future, not Christmas though? Merry Christmas, Janice"

Two days later, I responded with this Good Old Hockey Game....

Good Old Hockey Game quilt center is 57" wide x 77" tall and quilt shown is 75" x 95" total.

It's all Thanks to YOU!

A few days prior, on December 19th, Linda sent me an Etsy Convo....

"Did you ever think about doing musical instruments? I am looking for a pattern for a BASS guitar, but not applique. Would like pieced or paper pieced, but have only found 6 string guitars and I need the 4 string Bass guitar. Thanks for any help you can be"

Apparently, it really is All About That BASS....

All About That BASS quilt center is 14.5" wide x 63.5" tall and quilt shown is 60" x 75" total.

Everything is traditionally pieced, however the STRINGS must be STITCHED in place.

It's all Thanks to YOU!
It was back in the middle of November that Connie wrote requesting a Sloth pattern. Don't get me wrong! She certainly isn't the first lovely reader who has written with that same request. But to date I had not been able to capture the true cuteness of a Sloth. 

They look like they are so happy. And so lazy. 

Lazy. Daisy. Smile!

I tried oh so many ideas... But finally!!!

Livin' on the Sloth Clock pattern comes with 3 quilt sizes. Quilt layout shown above is 70" x 80" . Quilt layouts shown below are 35" x 40"  and 80" x 90"Baby Sloth head measures 13" wide x 9" tall and Mama Sloth head measures 26" wide x 18" tall.

It's all Thanks to YOU!
Who has ever asked me for a Moose pattern? Many. Many. Many. People. They're all a blur....

But on Christmas Eve night, Sandra left this comment on my Fox Napping post.

“I love all your quilts and have made a few. Any moose quilts in the works? Would love to see one. Thanks for all your work!!”

May I please introduce, Chartreuse Moose!

Coincidentally, your Moose does not have to be Chartreuse....

A Fuchsia Moose is pretty fabby also. N'est pas?
I don't know. To me it just screams BLING! BLING! DINGALING!

And Orange you glad I saved Mandarin Moose for last, Anja?

Chartreuse Moose quilt center is 40" wide x 29" tall and quilt shown is 50" x 60" total.

It's all Thanks to YOU! 

Thank you for your help, both by purchasing the Koala Love pattern and/or sharing about it with your friends. We have raised a Grand Total of $1155USD to aid Australia during this terrible time of drought and bushfires. This money is to be split between the NSW Koala Hospital and Rural Fire Service Australia.

Have you been wishing for the MINI Koala Mama & Baby Block pattern...

Or the Kangaroo & Joey2 Quilt pattern...

Your wait is UP!!!

It's all Thanks to YOU!

MINI Koala Mama & Baby Block was requested by Long Time Friend and Big Time Fan Jane Holbrock. She left a comment on my Facebook post when I announced the Kangaroo & Joey2 pattern. She wanted to know if I could design a baby joey for the Koala too!!!!

So MINI Koala Mama & Baby Block is meant to compliment the Koala Love pattern. Just like the Koala Love pattern, MINI Koala ALSO features 14" square blocks. But also includes Half Size blocks that finish at 7". This is a Block Pattern and does not have finishing instructions for making a quilt.

Image may contain: text

Kangaroo & Joey 2 is also meant to compliment the Koala Love pattern. Just like the Koala Love pattern, this Quilt Pattern ALSO features 14" square blocks for a 9 block finished Quilt Size of 50" x 50".

It's all Thanks to YOU!

Looking forward to quilting along with you in 2020!!!

Wishing you ALL a Happy New Year!


Happy Stitching! 

Keep On Quilting On!

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Stitchin At Home said...

Happy New Year Lorna may 2020 be happy and filled with quilty fun!

betsyinparadise said...

Lorna, you are SO talented & I love so, so love many of your patterns! I’ve followed you for quite some time now, & am happy to see that you have landed in your happy place, which is evidenced by your amazing patterns & upbeat posts. Here’s hoping that 20020 brings continued joy & happiness to your world!

sam said...

Happy New Year Lorna. Wishing you much joy and happiness in 2020. You bring much so much to me through your patterns and your awesome posts. Thank you for sharing.

Konstantina said...

A very Happy New Year to you and yours, Lorna!!! Oh my lord I am so excited...a sloth!!! I love it!!! I love them all actually...having palpitations...can't wait...please soon, must have...no patience [didn't even bother with that resolution for 2020]...all, must have, so excited... You have this knack for injecting joy and creativity into my slothful existence...thank you!!

Susan said...

Happy New Year to you too. I am looking forward to the Quilting Math education. I have often wished I could enlarge a block or pattern to make it easier for me to sew, but have never been sure how to figure that out.

Kathy said...

Happy New Year to you! Once again, your creativity and talents are truly shining! There are definitely great things happening for you and Sew Fresh Quilts...and I'm so excited to see and sew all the fun patterns you are creating! Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

Jane Holbrook said...

Yes, true friends, Lorna! I got my work finished so now I have time for fun sewing, koalas! I am going to try to put the baby snuggled behind mama's shoulder, if it works I will tell you about it first! I have always loved koalas, and have two great grandparents that emigrated to Canada from Australia in 1906. Happy New Year! Jane

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Happy New Year Lorna! Looks like you have been busy and I wish you a very happy and productive year!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I just sent a link to a friend for the hockey pattern. Happy New Year!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Great new patterns. I love that you quickly created patterns to accommodate requests. Well done, friend, well done. Hello Mandarin Moose!!!

Emily said...

Happy New Year, Lorna! I love seeing all the new patterns you have in the works! And it's fabulous that you create patterns based on what people ask for!

I'm am excited for your tutorial on enlarging blocks. The very first block I enlarged was your pig block; I was inspired two days before Christmas one year to make my son a big pillow, so I bought your digital pig block and started sewing that day. I forgot to take out the seam allowance before enlarging so some of it was a bit wonky, but he still has it and loves it so I guess it was ok! I love the enlarged foxes by one of your readers.

I hope you have a wonderful 2020!

Kat said...

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see the hockey patterns. I love all your patterns, and will definitely be adding this one to my growing Sew Fresh Quilts "library"!

Joan said...

Hi there! I looove seeing the adorable patterns you create and I’ve purchased several of them😊. How can I purchase the Good Old Hockey pattern? My great-nephew is a huge hockey fan and I’d love to make this for him!

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