26 April 2013

Baby quilt for Lucia! - progress

I have been working this week on another baby quilt.  This special quilt is for a special little girl who is now six weeks old.  Her name is Lucia.  Lucia's grandma, Margie, seen the Lucky Ducky wall hanging I have listed in my Etsy shop.  And she wanted a quilt made.

Here is the progress sew far.....
The wall hanging version is 12" x 12" and was done using raw edge applique.  The crib quilt has been difficult to construct in that it is made using a turned edge.  Obviously, I am also having trouble with proportion!  I thought the duck was huge.... But now I see that the frog is WAY bigger than he should be, too.  And those duck feet.... Er....  Not looking sew hot, I think.  I will have to reduce their size.  And the contrast in the colours of the orange fabrics used - I am not happy with that either.

So, what do you think?  Would you change the size of the duck feet?  Would you choose a lighter fabric for the webbing on the feet?  Or would you just leave it as is?  Love to hear your opinion!

Edited ----- April 28th

Little smaller feet and lighter coloured webbing....  Water lines added.... Quilting up next!

17 April 2013

Peppermint Dreams

Finished the baby quilt just now!  Calling it Peppermint Dreams....

I made it using blocks I had leftover from making the Sew Retro, Baby! quilt.
I had to make a couple extras to make a decent size for the center of the quilt.
And then added some borders.  This was the first time I ever made the piano keys!  Fun!  Love it....

I also used a different binding method.  I was going to sew it to the back and then turn to the front and machine stitch in place, leaving a stitch line on the back.... But was half way around when I realized I was sewing it to the front.  I then sewed in the ditch along the binding to catch the binding edge on the back of the quilt.  I did not pin except when I got to the corner, but I did press the binding to turn it to the back, first.

Not that happy with the corners....

But am happy with the finish - none the less!

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15 April 2013

This is NOT Spring!

Here is some of the aftermath of Thursday night's ice storm...

We have been without hydro electricity since Thursday night....
And I have the computer hooked up to the gas generator right now....

So I can make my a post, but not about quilting - unfortunately.
It was quite interesting and beautiful to wake up to this ice covered world....
And there has been no school for the kids since then, or today, either....
The ice melted later that day and released the trees and every other surface from its hard, cold shell....
Believe it or not - and this is a first for me - I am really looking forward to being able to do the dishes!

I hope and pray that today will be the day we get power back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 April 2013

Sew Retro, Baby! pattern is now for sale

Just a short post....
To let anyone who is interested....
know that the Sew Retro, Baby! pattern is now for sale at my Craftsy pattern store!

I got a LOT of positive feedback on this design..... Thank you to everyone who encouraged me!

5 April 2013

Flowers in the Sun - Finished!

It took me two days and the kitchen table to quilt this big baby...  Now I have to get caught up on the dishes that piled up behind me on the counter!

Today I got the binding on.  I seen this method used by Aunt Marti on 52 quilts blog.  And now I am addicted to it!

Here is a picture of the back of the quilt.  This Flowers in the Sun quilt is a queen size measuring 80" x 92.5".

I used Amanda Jean's method of Honeycomb quilting as seen on her Crazy Mom Quilts blog.  It sure did take a while to get her done.... But I LOVE how it turned out!

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2 April 2013

Flowers in the Sun - Top completed

The weather is certainly not reflecting what I have been working on for the past week.  We had a couple really nice days.  And even got the barbeque out.  But today the wind is bitter and cold.  And there is a light dusting of snow with it.

Those poor birds are going to have quite a time if they want to collect the fabric scraps left for them under the cedar trees!  The pieces are scattered across the lawn now.  Hope they get used for nesting before lawn mowing season gets here.... if ever.

I will be working on piecing a backing this afternoon.  This is a queen size, measuring 80" x 92.5", but our queen size bed is being used by the shift working dad of the family right now.  Sew I had to take the pictures on my daughter's double bed.

I sure am looking forward to being able to enjoy taking outdoor pictures.... someday....

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