28 May 2013

Scrappy Quilt - Neutral Background - Day 6

Two days of kids at school and husband on afternoon shift have resulted in progress for me.

Lots of cutting.  Lots of sewing.  Lots of pressing.  More cutting....

Yet it seems that not lots is getting done....

I am so used to doing quick quilts - large pieces - small quilts - easy quilting - ta-da!

But this project is different and it has become another lesson for me - or rather a process.

My first lesson was to teach myself to finish what I start and not to leave a project 1/2 done.  It's not that I don't believe in UFO's or have a problem with them.  It's just that I have had a lifelong problem with loosing interest in things and not finishing.

Next lesson to learn:
Patience.  Planning all the way through.  Taking the time to do anything over that I am not completely happy with.  Not that I am expecting perfection.  That will never happen!  But I know that if I notice something that is not quite the way it should be, maybe no one else will be able to notice later.... However, I will look back on it and think, "Now that the quilt is completed, I wish I would have been more patient.  Redid that block or piece and been completely and wholly satisfied with it before continuing."

I am an impatient quilter.  I guess that comes from being an impatient person.  Ha, ha!  Impatient and impulsive... That's me! Great for road trips though!

I started with a few ideas for a neutral background, scrappy quilt.  Decided if I was planning on scrappy and wanted lots of variety... 2" finished sized squares were needed for nothing smaller than a queen size quilt.

2" sized finished squares!!!!!!!!! Am I completely nuts?  Scarey to me...  And this project is not a lot of strip piecing.  Some, but not a lot.  Otherwise it would not be random enough... And I am shooting for variety.  Scrappy.

The past two days have involved a lot of HST production.  And practicing patience.  But I could not resist laying out those prepared pieces for a little look at how it will look when it comes time to start the actual sewing of rows!

Sew here is a little peek at the fruits of my patience.  I need to add some variety to my choice of warm colours.....

Oh, and P.S.  the feature fabric.... I finally read the selvage... It's Florentine.  Designed by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman.

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