25 May 2013

Scrappy Quilt - Neutral Background - Day 2

Spent the day yesterday washing and ironing all the new fabrics... Not very exciting, but satisfying.  And I began cutting strips.  2.5" for the scrappy squares and 3" for any hst's.

This quilt is planning on being 96" x 96".... Sew a finished square of 2" is quite small.... I'm a bit scared!

I am not accustomed to doing a project that will take so long to finish.  And all those corners to get them all lined up.... Yikes!  Maybe I should plan ahead and go out and buy a new seam ripper now.  The one I am currently using is getting a bit dull and I have a feeling it will be quite useless by the time I make it to connecting rows for this quilt!

I chose all the fabrics to be used in the scrappy neutral background - 22 of them.  Included four light 'coloured' strips just to jazz it up a bit.  All beige and grey seemed little boring to me.  And lined up the strips in a row to get a feel for the order.  Called my son for his opinion.  Any that look like they should not be included?  Should they be rearranged?

And began sewing the strips....

Now it is Saturday morning.... Waiting for my daughter to get up so I can continue.  Her room is right next to the sewing room.  I'll give her until 10:00.  Does that sound fair?

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