11 November 2015

Let's Bee Social # 98

Light Brown and Medium Brown Deer quilt blocks finish at 8" x 8"

Welcome back to another Let's Bee Social! Where did the week GO??????!!!!

Fox #2 quilt blocks finish at 8" x 8"

I am making progress on these Forest Friends quilt blocks. These blocks are being made with the Cotton Couture kindly donated by Michael Miller Fabrics in support of this project.

At last week's Let's Bee Social, I showed you some of my progress on the Forest Friends quilt. And then mentioned that I was making preparations for the trunk show for the Oxford Quilters' Guild. Well, I made it there! The Oxford Quilters' Guild is so large that they have two meetings per month, one in the evening and one the next morning. I got there on Wednesday night and was delighted to meet all of the ladies from the evening meeting. What a fun time I had! But I guess I just wasn't brave enough to get out my camera that first night. So all of these pictures are from the next morning's meeting.

Here you can see Sue and Jean following my showing on Thursday morning. Jean gave a little lesson on Transparency, as you can see pinned to the lectern.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of these girls from the guild and being able to spend the entire time talking about quilts!

My contact, Jean Hillis is an amazing woman who is a founding member of the guild and still quite active in teaching classes and organizing events. Jean also shared news about the lovely quilt top you can see hanging on the wall on the right. This quilt will be offered as a raffle quilt for an upcoming fundraiser.

Show and Tell was up next and I was thrilled to be able to see all the beautiful works by members of the guild. Wish I would have got my camera out the night before to show the projects shared by the evening group. What a talented bunch!

The Oxford Quilter's Guild is a LARGE group. We had about 60 present for the meeting on Wednesday night. And about 40 in attendance on Thursday morning. WOW!

One of the games prepared for the group was to branch off into subgroups according to what you would label yourself as a quilter: Traditional, Modern, Applique, Art Quilter, Paper Piecer, Scrap Quilter or Other.

Once in our respective groups, we wrote down tips to share with the other groups. I was surprised how many of the tips could cross over and be applied to the other subgroups. It was a lot of fun. And some of the answers were actually quite humourous!

What a great group of ladies and each so welcoming. It was truly a wonderful experience!

Yesterday I was spent the day teaching the Fox & Friends quilt class in Kincardine, Ontario for the Kincardine Sunset Quilters' Guild. I'll have to share the detail of that meeting for next week!

NOW it's your turn for Show and Tell!!!
What have you been working on?

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Teje Karjalainen said...

Lorna, I love your deer and fox! Amazing quilts! So happy for your to be able to meet quilters! x Teje

Unknown said...

You have your own style!!! These blocks are great too!!!
So fun all those dogs popping up on the WWW!!! Congrats with you success with that pattern!!!
Love from Amsterdam!!!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Love the little deer and fox and all the lovely quilts at the guild :)

Cut&Alter said...

I am loving all the Forest Friends creatures I am seeing all over the place!! I can't the numbers at the meeting you attended - our local group is very happy because total membership recently passed 30!!

Jayne said...

I too am in love with the deer! Every critter makes me smile...but the deer is just a sweetie! What a huge guild and the talent is evident!

Mari said...

I love those deer! So looking forward to making this quilt for a new little one. What do you think of green as a background instead of the gray? The mom has chosen brown and green as her colors, so I think this would be a perfect quilt! Have a great day!

SarahZ said...

Oh Lorna, your world is getting bigger, isn't it?! I so look forward to living where I may have the opportunity to get together with other quilters on a regular basis! Your critter quilts are so darn cute! I love the addition of the paddles and tracks on the Forest Friends quilt!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

It looks like you had a blast, and I love the quilts the guild shared. I wish I had the time for a quilt guild, or that there was one close enough for me to attend.

Nita said...

Games for quilters? What a great idea! The guild I attend is also very large, and can sometimes be stuffy and a bit cliquey (is that how you spell it?) maybe a gmae or two would be something I could introduce to get people to visit different groups in the room...mix things up a bit. Were there instructions for the game?

KaHolly said...

Boy, oh boy, your sewing machine must be smokin'!

Stephie said...

Aw Lorna, your deer and fox blocks are coming along so well - you really are the best when it comes to motif designs! No-one else can hold a candle to you :)

Carla said...

Show and tell is always so much fun! Very inspiring for you to be able to talk about your fabulous quilts.

the zen quilter said...

Lorna, I cannot wait to buy your Forest friends pattern. It is going to be a serious best seller. I hope you wil do a blog hop or quilt a long for it cuz girl I am WAY in! It's just fabulous!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Looks like it was a great time at the guild meetings. Loving the deer and fox!!

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