1 September 2015

Dog Gone Cute - Quilt Along Kickoff!

Welcome to the very first week in the Dog Gone Cute quilt along blog hop! Today I will be introducing the Blog Hop participants who will be showing off their Dog Gone Cute creations throughout the month of October. And I will also be sharing the block and quilt size options.

Keep up to date with all the details as they are added to the Dog Gone Cute quilt along blog hop page tab found just below the blog header. All these posts will be available on that page and the live links will be added as each post is published.

Hope you will be quilting along!

Now, let me introduce you....

It will be such a treat for us during October to get to know these super sweet Blog Hop participants, found on the Blog Hop Schedule below. Some of them have been sharing a little progress on their blogs. Providing lots of inspiration and maybe they'll give you a few ideas of how you might like your pups to look. Take some time this week to drop by and say HELLO!

Tuesday, October 6
Karen of Run Sew Fun
Kris of Kris Loves Fabric
Anja of Anja Quilts
Kelly of Quilting it Out
Tish of Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland

Thursday, October 8
Carol of Just Let Me Quilt
Nina of Inchworming
Doris of The Quilting Queen Online
Brandy of Pampered Pettit
Leena of Creative Instincts

Tuesday, October 13
Ruth of Charly and Ben’s Crafty Corner
Tanya of Tanya Quilts in Colorado
Laurel of Quilts by Laurel
Kathy of Kathy’s Quilting Blog
Deb of New Creative State

Thursday, October 15
Anita of Daydreams of Quilts
Gina of Quilts and Cakes
Beth of Words & Stitches
Rachel of Quiltineering
Julie of Mack and Mable

Tuesday, October 20
Cathy of A Quilting Chick
Selina of Selina Quilts
Shauna of Shauna’s World
Gayle of Pedal Sew Lightly
Kathy of Kayak Quilting

Thursday, October 22
Sandy of Upstairs Hobby Room
Heide of Heide’s Quilty Hugs
Britt-Inger of Hill Valley Quilter
Judy of How ART You?
Louisa of Sewmotion

Tuesday, October 27
Teje of Nero’s Patch and Post
Stephanie of Jak and Will
Valerie of Val’s Quilting Studio
Ellen of Georgia Florida Studio
Cristina of Pretty Little Quilts

Thursday, October 29
Abigail of Cut & Alter
Magdalena of iloveneutrals
Jenn of A Quarter Inch from the Edge
Anne of Batiks by the Bay
Susie of Susie's Sunroom
Tracy of Tracy’s Bits N Pieces

Dog Gone Cute 12 block layout

Using the instructions for making a 12 block quilt, the finished size of the quilt will be approximately 30” x 30” for the mini quilt using the small blocks or approximately 60” x 60” for the maxi quilt using the large blocks.

Using the instructions for making a 12 block quilt WITH the Paw Print Border blocks, the finished size of the quilt will be 74” x 74” using the large blocks.

Small blocks measure 9” x 6” finished
Large blocks measure 18” x 12” finished

But you can make whatever you would like. Here are a few suggestions:

At 18" x 12", one large Dog Gone Cute block is the PERFECT size for a placemat.

Or a pillow!

At 9" x 6", one small Dog Gone Cute block is the PERFECT size for a mug rug.

Or a pillow!

Use a few large blocks in a row to make a handsome bed runner or table runner.

If you decide not to make the mini or maxi quilt, don't worry about the following material and cutting instructions. There will, however, be a chart for each individual Dog Gone Cute block, listing the required pieces. First up next week will be Block 1 & Block 2!

To make the mini or maxi quilt, here are the required materials and cutting instructions.

Measurements are based on a 42” Width of Fabric for yardage, are for the minimum required to the nearest ¼ yard, and do not account for miscuts.

Quilt 12 SMALL blocks

From the Background cut (4) strips at 2” and (3) strips at 1.5” for sashing and borders
Cut the 2” border strips to (2) strips at 30.5” long and (2) strips at 27.5” long
Cut the 1.5” sashing strips to (3) strips at 27.5” long

From the Background also cut (4) strips at 2.5”, (7) strips at 1.5” and (1) strip at 1”
Crosscut as follows: (12) 2.5” x 5.5”, (12) 2.5” x 4.5”, (12) 2.5” squares, (6) 1.5” x 5.5”, (6) 1.5” x 3.5”, (72) 1.5” squares, (24) 1” squares

From the Black cut (12) 1” x 1.5” and (24) 1” squares

From the Pink cut (12) 1.5” squares

From the Binding Fabric cut (3) 2.5” x WOF strips for binding.  Prepare your binding and set aside for later.


Quilt 12 LARGE blocks

From the Background cut (6) strips at 3.5” and (5) strips at 2.5” for sashing and borders
Join and cut the 3.5” border strips to (2) strips at 54.5” long and (2) strips at 60.5” long
Join and cut the 2.5” sashing strips to (3) strips at 54.5” long

(If making the Paw Print Border Blocks, use these instructions instead:
 From the Background cut (6) strips at 10.5” for borders and cut (5) strips at 2.5” for sashing
Join and cut the 10.5” border strips to (2) strips at 74.5” long and (2) strips at 50.5” long
Join and cut the 2.5” sashing strips to (3) strips at 54.5” long)

From the Background also cut (8) strips at 4.5”, (7) strips at 2.5” and (1) strip at 1.5”
Crosscut as follows: (12) 4.5” x 10.5”, (12) 4.5” x 8.5”, (12) 4.5” squares, (6) 2.5” x 10.5”, (6) 2.5” x 6.5”, (72) 2.5” squares, (24) 1.5” squares

From the Black cut (12) 1.5” x 2.5” and (24) 1.5” squares

From the Pink cut (12) 2.5” squares

From the Binding Fabric cut (6) 2.5” x WOF strips for binding.  Prepare your binding and set aside for later.

Options:  As shown above, there are innumerable options for making all your dogs different.  There are 12 dogs with their ears up and 12 dogs with their ears down. Some have both ears filled in.  Some have both ears in white.  And some have one ear filled in and one ear in white.  Use the colouring page at the end of the post to decide what your dogs will look like in your quilt!

A word or two about the piecing methods used.....

These blocks use a traditional piecing method known as the “stitch and flip” method. Being as I press my seams open, and recommend you do too for these blocks, I have renamed the method - STOP.

Stitch along the diagonal line
Trim 1/4" away from the seam
Open your seam and finger press
Press the seam open using your iron

For the purpose of the following diagrams, wrong side of fabric is depicted by grey.
Sew all pieces with right sides together.

For example, the instructions in this pattern are given as follows:

Draw a diagonal line across wrong side of the (A) and (E) squares, place them right sides together on the corners of the (F) rectangles and sew along the diagonal lines, as shown in red.  Trim a 1/4" seam and press open.

But in actuality, you will need to break this instruction down as follows:

Figure A shows all the pieces required for the step. You will first have to sew the (A) squares on the corners, as shown in Figure B.  Then trim the corners, as shown in Figure C.

Then you open the patch A up and press. I recommend pressing all seams open to reduce bulk. Next you will sew the (E) squares on the corners, as shown in Figure D. Then trim the corners, as shown in Figure E. Again you will flip the patch E up and press the seams open. Your completed unit will resemble Figure F. However, because of the seam allowance, there will be an overlap of where patch A and patch E meet. This will be covered when your unit is sewn into the block.

Use this handy colouring page to plan your quilt. Just right click on the picture and save to your computer. Then print it out!

Whether you are making a mini quilt, maxi quilt, or something else of your own creation....
Hope you have a Dog Gone FUN time choosing your fabrics and planning your quilt along project!

And see you next week for the instructions for Blocks 1 & 2.

If you just can't wait.... the pattern is available for purchase from my pattern shop here.

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Vera said...

These are great Lorna. All of them!

Sharon Tucker said...

Thank you for giving me a week to get my fabrics together & prepare...I NEED it!!! So excited to get started :-D

Patty said...

This will be fun!

Judy J said...

Love this quilt - so cute!!! Actually love all of your patterns!

LethargicLass said...

are we allowed to sell things made from your patterns?

ClotheslineCottons said...

These are so stinkin' cute. I just love it.

Quilts By Laurel said...

I'm halfway through the twelve blocks for my blog hop quilt and I'm loving them so far! Super easy to put together! :)

Lara B. said...

A very exciting day and continuing for months! You sure got some great participants Lorna!
I'm aiming at making the Dog gone Cute Little Pups!

Unknown said...

Ok, I tried to sign up but it won't let me, how to I get the ability to follow this so I can make this quilt along with you?

Lorna McMahon said...

You can sign up to follow by email and get all new posts directly in your inbox. Would love to have you join us for the quilt along, Erin!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I love the green background. I have fabric, but need to get making little doggies.

sonalee said...

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity for the blog hop :)

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

This is so adorable, and I am so glad that you found so many blog hop participants. I will definitely be making at least one of these sweet doggies, but wasn't sure if I could commit to a blog hop or the whole quilt. This looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lorna for this quilt along. It's going to be quite a dog show!

Quilter Kathy said...

SO fun! October will be so much fun visiting all the puppies!
I am going to try to join in, but no promises :)

Ruth said...

So looking forward to seeing what eveyone makes - thanks for including me Lorna!

Anita said...

I am so happy to be a part of this Lorna! We are all dog crazy in my family so I may have to sew a quilt for each family member. I might have to clone myself first. ;) Thanks for having me on the blog hop!

KaHolly said...

I'm looking forward to this, Lorna. Finally a sew along I can participate in while it's happening! Just hope I can keep up! XO

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