14 December 2014

Sunday Stash from Sew Sisters

Even More candidness.  In addition to the last two Sunday Stash reports I made here and here, we have some more new additions.  These are from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.

Top to Bottom:   Moxie Toodle Sky in Blue, Evening Blooms Small Flowers in Yellow, Toy Tales Cloud in BlueI just could not resist the Toy Tales Cloud.  It reminds me of the Toy Story movies, which I adore.

Top to BottomGeekly Chic Small Mustaches, Lush Tossed Leaves in Grass and Chérie Bon Voyage Lumiere.


But that's not all....

In addition to the new fabric that I had ordered, there was another little package from Sew Sisters and Aurifil.

This was a generous 'Thank You' for being a host of this year's Blogathon Canada.  You can read my host post here!

Those sweet little spools of Aurifil thread are going to go perfectly with these Kona solid fat quarters.  These specimens are going to be made into something to share as a tutorial on the Sew Sisters blog in January.

I can hardly wait to see what Aunt Elna thinks of those Aurifil threads!

But that's not all either...

Another package arrived.  This one is from Island Batik.  These gorgeous batiks are from their upcoming Fall 2014 collection called "Cry Me A River" and will be used to take part in their Classic Block Blog Hop in January.

Love, love, love those little sea turtles!

But even that is not all!!!!

This fun fabric also arrived.  Lara from BuzzinBumble designed this cute fabric and then had a giveaway contest.  I was one of the lucky winners!

Baking up these chocolate chip cookies is going to be fun.  And no dirty dishes to wash afterwards!  Cookies anyone?

Keep On Quilting On!


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Vicki said...

Oh man, YOU won those cookies? I wanted them so bad. Love those bicycles! The batiks are dreamy. The Kona solids are wonderful. I guess what I'm trying to say is...I really, really love it ALL!!!!

Ioleen said...

What a lovely bunch of fabrics. I love the turtles.

Daytona Damsel said...

First off, I want that blue and yellow group of fabrics. Those are my colors. I like the batiks too, especially the fish. All the fabrics and threads are wonderful. I wouldn't be able to contain myself, I would be locked in my room designing and sewing. What and when are you making out of the blue and yellow? Debbie

Lara B. said...

Lorna, I think you are trying to short out our keyboards with a drooling festival here. ;) What fun you are going to have with all these lovely fabrics! The blues and yellows beautifully set each other off. I'm seeing a quilt hanging on your hay wagon on a perfect summer day. Thanks for adding my cookies to the bunch too! Sweets for the Sweetie!

Cheryl said...

That is some fabric and thread goodness, I might have drooled a little looking at them :)

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Holy mackerel! What fun!!! Someday you will have to share how you organize all this beautiful fabric!!!

Rachel said...

Another round of nice fabrics. I love those sea turtles! How cute!

dorothy said...

LOVE! LOVE! that batik collection!!!

Kay said...

Lots of gorgeous fabric, you must have a huge sewing room to keep it all in. x

Mara said...

They all look so lovely, and the Aurifil and fabric that Sew sisters sent is dream worthy.

SonjaM said...

Omg what a great giveaway!!!!!! sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

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