8 March 2014

Sewing for Me in March - Week #1

Last week, those of us participating in the challenge hosted by Sarah of Berry Barn Designs(30/30 Linky Party), linked up our goals.  You can read my goal setting post here.

As I understood it, the aim of this challenge is to take time to do some selfish sewing.
For 30 minutes per day.
For 30 days.
In March.

Sewing for 30 minutes per day is not a problem.  I sew plenty.  But not for myself.
I have a shelf, filled with finished quilts, made by me.  But I don't have one on my bed.

My goal is focused more on the selfish sewing, than on the 30/30.

This past week I ordered fabric from Mad About Patchwork.

I have been admiring the prints in the Charley Harper line since they were put out by Birch Fabrics.

I had no idea how much I needed to make a jacket.

I ordered 1 yard of Octoberama Blue, 3/4 yard of Bank Swallow Blue, 1/2 yard each of Twig Fall in Teal, Shroom and Mustard.

Then, in case I need a little something on the subtler side, I added 1/2 yard of Line Leaf in Gold and 1/4 in Black, just for good measure.  These two are from the Bark & Branch line by Eloise Renouf for Cloud9 Fabrics.

Fact is.... I had no idea how to make a jacket at all!

Sarah responded with the comment, "That sounds like a lot of details and careful pattern work..."

Huh? Should I really get a pattern?

Thankfully, a few kindhearted friends
(Mary of Urban Quilter and Doris of The Quilting Queen in particular)
helped to convince me that

Today I headed into town and found The.Perfect.Pattern (for ME!)
And picked up this coordinating zipper!

I had grabbed a jacket out of my closet and hung it in my sewing room.  Glancing up at it each day this week as I happily pieced and quilted up a granny squares baby quilt.  So even though the baby quilt was not FOR ME, it was time spent sewing each day, all this past week.  And I thoroughly enjoyed making it!

When I seen this pattern, I recognized that it was just what I was looking for.

Even better....  The pattern does call for Double-sided Pre-quilted Fabric.

What a happy accident!!!

Now, I just need to.........
A) figure out what fabric I am going to use as the lining side for the inside of the jacket
B) decide whether to piece the fabric or just use the fabrics as is to make the sections
C) choose thread and a design to do the quilting with

Linking up with everyone at Sarah's for Week 1 Progress.
Come on over and check out the progress of all the other linkers!

I am loving how this is coming together.
And want to thank you for your helpful advice!
And especially for all your kind words of encouragement!!!

Thank you, my friends!

Keep On Quilting On!



Serena @ Sewgiving said...

Pre-quilted fabric? Sounds like you will be in your element!

Julie Cefalu said...

I love your fabrics! I have been hoping to get my hands on some Charlie Harper fabric myself. I think it's great that you're making it into something for yourself, and that you can wear! I'm cheering you on!
Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Ahhhhh Charlie Harper....gotta get some now that I have fallen off my no buying fabric wagon!!!!!!

CeLynn said...

Have not seen this line before(not looking,as I am still on the no buying wagon;) Love the color palette you have chose for your new jacket! I think I am also more about the "selfish sewing" part than the 30 minutes a day part too. Your granny's inspired me this week,so thank you for that :)

You are so not playing nice,tempting me with all this yummy fabric...!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful fabrics!

Patch the Giraffe said...

This is such a great project! I cannot wait to see it completed. Good luck with the pattern, you are very brave making clothing.

Scrapatches said...

Love your fabrics for your quilted jacket. The pattern was a good idea. Looking forward to seeing more of your sewing for you ... :) Pat

Anonymous said...

the fabric is luscious. Can not wait too see a picture of the jacket you make.
Kathleen Mary

Vicki said...

Love this pattern! I am so excited about this adventure. Your fabric choices are fabulous.

Bower Bird Patch said...

A friend once said to me....when you start wearing your quilt art, you've probably gone a bit too far, but I am loving this idea and can't wait to see the finished product! This really will be something....just for you!

Vera said...

This sounds like sci-fi to me :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna! This sounds and looks Super! Your Fabrics are beautiful and I love the pattern for the jacket! I would make absolutely pieced 'outside' - you are a quilter - right?! Shouldn't you have a patchwork jacket! I wish I had time to join you and make one. x Teje

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a neat pattern Lorna and this will be a beautiful jacket! I used to sew all of my clothes and also made models for a store......now I just quilt. Have fun!

Jasmine said...

I seriously cannot wait to see your jacket. Your pattern is way cuter than I imagined. All the quilted jackets I have seen were way boxy. Getting the pattern was a good idea.

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

Ha! I was surprised you'd make a jacket with no pattern mainly because I saw how many pieces there were for those doll jackets I wanted to make (10 pieces! for a 14" doll! lol) and figured there was some trickiness to what I envisioned you were after (much like what you picked). I mean, I'm sure it could be done, but why reinvent the wheel, right? Now you can just jump in! Love the Charlie Harper - can't wait to see how you decide to layout the fabrics : )

Andree G. Faubert said...

I can't wait to see your work. It's going to be awesome!

RosieGma said...

Ok Lorna, now you have to decide if the pattern used pre-quilted fabic, can it also be reversable? Just saying.....have fun sewing, cannot waiting to see what quilting you will do.....

Mary R. said...

What great luck that you found a pattern you liked using quilted fabric! This will make things much easier so you can focus on the fun of designing with your beautiful fabric. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

inchworming said...

Pretty fabric! Can't wait to see the finished jacket!

Jessica Hadden said...

Love these fabrics and your chosen pattern!

MalinisQuilts said...

Love your fabric choices. Lovely colors? Are you going to make patchwork for the front and then quilt it?
Having a pattern definitely helps. I never learned the proper way to sew clothes, so I usually use one of my good fitting outfit as my muslin ;).

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