20 August 2013

Fabric Acquisition

Our Mission:  Back to School shopping was the objective for the day.

Loaded up the kids and we took a drive to Kitchener.  Since it was on the way, I had to stop at Hawkesville's Lens Mill where I picked up the array on the bottom.

The next stop was the Conestoga Mall.  Lots of shops there.  But no fabric shops.  Boring. For me.

The food court was my hangout, where I spent the time doodling quilting ideas and drinking coffee, while the kids came and went, shopping for new backpacks and some clothing.

Clearly, 'Back to School' shopping, for them means one thing....

And for me.... It means more time to myself spent quilting again!

Since it was on the way back home, I had to stop at both Reichard's in St. Jacob's and, my favourite LQS, Emeline's E & E Cloth and Creations in Newton.

And sew, with my three new purple acquisitions, this is the grand total of my existing purple stash.   I have an aversion to purple.... But it is part of the rainbow, so I need to start collecting and using it.

I am disappointed with how hard it is to match purples when you don't have them with you to compare!

Some are more pinky and some more bluey....

Linking up with Fiona of Finding Fifth via Heidi of Fabric Mutt for this Sunday's Stash linky!
Come for a visit!  Who doesn't love to see more fabric???

Am I the only one?  Or do you have an aversion to any piece of the rainbow?


Paulette said...

I agree, matching purple is really hard if you don't have your other piece right there. I painted a bathroom lavender many years ago and regretted it almost immediately. Nothing coordinated. I do like purple in the right setting, though. There is this paint commercial here where a woman walks into a store and asks for "purple, but not purrrple..." (her tone of voice and facial expression changes when she says that). I knew exactly what she meant, lol.

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I have issues with orange. It is just not an easy color to work with.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I an not a fan of using yellow. It is something I have had to work on. I love orange - love lime or chartreuse green. But the yellow part of the rainbow I always fall short of.

I do love purples however!

Vicki said...

I like all of your new fabric. I have purchased a bunch in the past couple of days also.

Rachel said...

I 100% agree on matching purples! I've had a devil of a time with my purples in the past.

I am not naturally drawn to yellows or pinks. I don't have an aversion to them and often love the impact they have, but when browsing fabric I almost never pick them out. Greens, blues, or grays on the other hand, I've definitely got covered!

Lia*s Handmades said...

Glad I'm not the only one with an aversion to purple ;)

Heidi Staples said...

I agree with you -- purple is tough! Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stash!

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