27 December 2012

Spoonflower! Sew easy to use.... Even on dial-up!

A big Thank You! to Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts for posting about Spoonflower.  I visited their website tonight and was able to upload a picture to use for Sew Fresh Quilt labels and have placed my order!

Worked hard on the pinwheels for the Enchantment quilt today.  It's designed to fit a twin size bed. All the fabric for the top is cut out and most of the smaller 1/2 square triangles have been assembled.

I also edited the pattern I originally designed.  The plan now includes a few 15" blocks in addition to the 5" and 10" blocks.  The design using the three block sizes gives more of a flowing feel and looks less boxy.  The 15" blocks are in the feature fabric with white geometric tone on tone.  Half of the 10" blocks are in the darkest pink with the geometric tone on tone and the other half are in the darkest orange.  The 5" are in a mixture of three shades of pink, three shades of orange and also in the feature fabric.  These were all done using a white tone on tone with a medium floral print.

Not the greatest free motion quilter, but I am determined to give it a go.  Already have a design in mind for that and am looking forward to trying it.

Will have to borrow my daughter's ipod and get a picture of the progress on here tomorrow!

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