Gallery 2018

Welcome to my Gallery! 

Please click on the photos or captions to view the blog post and learn more about these finishes. Like what you see? Please consider following....


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Out Foxed - quilt and pillowcase set

Robin in the Hood - quilt and pillowcase set

Layin' Pipe

Nailed It!

Scotty Dog - a free pattern!

Screw This!

Gifted to Nevin December 2018
Dachshund Dogs

Rainbow Paintbrushes

Hedgehog Quilt

Large gifted to a friend December 2018
French Bulldogs

Small sold in December 2018
Pug Dogs

Gifted to Angela December 2018
Christmas Sweaters

Pigs in a Blanket with Hen and Chicks

Sold in January 2018
Vintage Wedding Quilt

Donated to Optimism Place Stratford December 2018
Little Lamb Leaping

Sold in December 2018
Hello Foxy mini

Hello Foxy

Given to my lover Chad Bolt in November 2018
Buffalo Plaid Wolves

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