7 September 2018

Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Finally a Finish!

There is something very special about your first finish in a new home....

And this one has me thinking about the coming winter season already!

I showed the fabrics in this post, if you're curious about them. This quilt design is reminiscent of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters I made as my first finish of 2016

The pieced backing includes the remnants left from bordering the quilt front. 

Did you notice I have a new quilt holder?

Looks like this new quilt may already have a home????

Christmas Sweaters - 66" x 80"

The "Christmas Sweaters" quilt finished at 66" x 80"
and was the 1st use of my 3rd edition of 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.

Want to make your own?

You can find the pattern here.

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Little Quiltsong said...

Love this quilt and the fabrics you used! There is just something so bright and happy about it. Beautiful!

Julie said...

Oh, the significance of your first finish in your new home! Yes. It looks like you've easily made your mark. Many triumphant congratulations!!

Stitchin At Home said...

Your sweater quilt looks right at home. Congrats on your first of many finishes in your new home.

Rebecca Grace said...

Welcome to your new home, Lorna! I love this new sweater quilt and I remember your Ugly Sweater quilt, too -- such a fantastic pattern for those fun holiday prints!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Congratulations on your first finish in your new home. An awesome milestone!!!

Mari said...

Yay Lorna! Your quilt looks great and I love the holder. Sometimes I use push pins to hold a quilt right on the railing, if you don't have someone who can hold it for you. The neighbors are always amused. Have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

This is wonderful! I'm very ready for fall/winter and this makes me want it more! Well done girlfirend, well done!

Linda Fleming said...

Beautiful quilt in wonderful fabrics! A wonderful start for your new home!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

super cute sweaters!!
I love Winter. Summer in Northern Virginia is like living in a jungle. bleh. I am sick of sweating, or being imprisoned in air conditioned conditions
Happy Week-end Lorna

Danice G said...

Very pretty quilt Lorna. I made an Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt back in 2016. This version is really cute as well. I see these sweaters are turtlenecks. Adorable.

Sandra Walker said...

Just love seeing this quit, and that you have your first finish in your new home AND seeing it AT home! Lovely setting, looks so homey!!

Cheryl said...

The quilt looks perfect on your couch! I am ready for some sweater weather down here in SC, it has been in the 90's each day in September :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Fun quilt! Sweater weather is coming!!

Jasmine said...

A beautiful finish just in time for colder weather. I love the peek into your new house as well.

Fun, Factual, Weird, and Breathtaking said...

Love the fabrics in this adorable quilt!

Leanne Parsons said...

An awesome first finish in the new home! Draped over the couch like that it looks like it's just waiting for someone to come get cozy with it :)

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