18 May 2019


Hi there!
I’ve never done paper piecing so maybe I’m misunderstanding. But the dimensions for the rooftop #7 are different in the pattern than the size listed on the paper pieces. The half size says 1”x1” by the paper pieces say 1.5”x1.5”. I checked the full size and those are listed differently as well. The other rooftop pieces I think all match. Can you help?


I’m not at home now Sharon. But I will check it out as soon as i can. Sorry!  And thank ya for the alert!!?


Maryann said...

I'm not a paper piecer either. Thought my printer was the culprit. Maybe a 1" box on the 1st pattern page would help us check our sizes. Thanks for the great patterns and wonderful quilt. Making mine for my bestie.

Cynthia_B said...

I measured all of my half-size templates and they seem to all be 1/8" off. I was just going to leave extra fabric and try to trim to the size noted at the top, not the size of the actual pattern. Hopefully, that will work!

Ulrikes Smaating said...

Hej Lorna,
should the pieces for the roofs measures f. ex.
Half #7- 1 " inkl. seams? I have printed them out with 110%, so it matches. But with seams 1/4 "around.
Or should they be 1" without seams?
best wishes ulrike :0)

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