24 March 2017

Giraffe Family

Do you ever make the same quilt more than once? I know there are so many great quilt ideas out there. And some people claim that they enjoy a new challenge, so they would never consider making the same quilt more than once. I used to be one of those quilters.

This is the Giraffe Family quilt made using Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics

Can you see that? It's some more wavy line quilting. I really enjoyed quilting this quilt. I was really getting in the groove with those curvy lines! The quilting was done using Light Grey Omni from Superior Threads, on top and plain white Gutermann thread in the bobbin for the back.

And here you can see the quilting from the back. This backing print is from the Urban Artifacts collection, which you can view here, and I am simply in LOVE with this print! The colours, the dots, the flowers and the text. It is just such a fun print!

Normally, I attach a binding first to the back of a quilt and then topstitch from the front to finish. But wanting to use a matched binding, this time I attached to the binding to the front. To finish, I topstitched along the "ditch" to catch the binding that had been folded around to the back. I used threads to match the binding both on top and in the bobbin.

Here is a close up of how the binding matches the piecing in the top. Want to know how I did it? Click here to check out my binding tutorials for more information.

This "Giraffe Family" quilt finished at 40" x 53"
and was the 24th use of my 2nd edition of 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.

You can find the Giraffe Family pattern here!


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Just me said...

You really are so talented. I love reading your blog posts to see what you are creating

Little Quiltsong said...

This is still such a favorite! Love how the little giraffe looks up to one of the big giraffes! Beautiful quilting on it!

KaHolly said...

Giraffes are my favorite animal! I love this quilt. There are a few patterns that are so much fun to make, I've put them together once or twice more. And there are some that I'll revisit again, but haven't, yet. Enjoy your day! XO

Unknown said...

Lorna, I have always loved that giraffe quilt! It is on my "someday sew" list! And how did I not know about the code to use to save 15% off at your pattern store?! I may just have to buy more patterns! Thank you for reminding me I need the giraffe pattern!

Mari said...

Love that binding! This is one of my favorites of your quilts.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

What a lovely quilt , I love the blue and Aqua and particularly the way the binding matches . I used to work in a library and in story time we used glove puppets . We never knew what the giraffe said , then a granny told us giraffes (the male) coughs when feeling amorous ... so our giraffe coughed in our stories

JanineMarie said...

Your binding is perfection, Lorna! Even matching the thread color to the fabric! That detail is so impressive. I want to do a matched binding on my current quilt, so I will for sure review your tutorial. I aspire to your level of binding expertise, but even though I will most assuredly fall short, I'll be grateful for your inspiration.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

So cool! I have no problem returning to a favourite pattern or three, if you love something, make it again (different fabrics make it unique).

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