13 April 2016

Let's Bee Social #120

Welcome to the Let's Bee Social and thank you so much for making this party such a success!

Today I have a very special finish to share with you. But not a finish of mine....

It was back in January when I received my first email from Ann. We emailed back and forth for a bit. She wanted to make the Dog Gone Cute quilt, but had not quilted in quite some time. So she had a few questions.

Ann said, "Awesome, you're the best, thanks!
I have not quilted for about 30 years so I have to dust off all of my stuff.
I have a cutting board, wheel and all the things I need.
Expecting my first grandchild so I thought I better get started!"

Ann continued to email me with a few more questions. I can't imagine going without quilting for so long and not being a little rusty. I encouraged her to first just make one block. I knew that if she could get her first block done, it would all come back to her.

Ann said, "YAY... dog one out of 24.

I thought after all the bugging I have done asking you questions

you would like to see my first success... and it measures 6.5 x 9.5... perfect."

Now this past Monday Ann announced, "Woo hoo... I just finished the quilt.
Here are pictures. The one that looks like there is nothing there
is a close up of the dog paw I quilted between the dogs....
and it was dog gone fun to do, too!"

Size is 39" x 46"

Here you can see the cute paw print quilting....

Ann also sent along a photo of her models
and said, "I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture
of my dog Xena (the one on the right)... she is a poster dog for your pattern.
Now you can see why I loved "Dog Gone Cute" so much!!!
Lucky is not far off either... he died a couple years ago
and now I have another second rescued pit mix."

 Ann's dogs - Lucky and Xena

I am so proud of Ann and her Dog Gone Cute quilt.
And I have a feeling that this will be the first of many quilts to come.
Made with love for her family and friends!


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Nancy J said...

How does that song go " With a little help from a friend" or something like that, this is so true for Ann and yourself. What a doggone wonderful result.

Karin said...

That is fantastic...Ann did such a lovely job!

Preeti said...

You are an inspiration,Lorna!!!

Leanne Parsons said...

Ann did an awesome job!! It's great that she reached out for help and was able to revive her old skills :)

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Ann's quilt is very beautiful. Her dogs are handsome (both the real ones and the quilted ones). I find that the paw quilting is the perfect detail to complement the design. Lovely team work! :-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such a cute doggy quilt. I didn't have time to sew yesterday I was planting my garden - I know you all up north are just thinking gardens and they are a way off - back to some sewing later today

Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely quilt from Ann! You also have a generous heart - that is special!

JanineMarie said...

What a sweet story! I'm glad you could rejuvenate her love of quilt making. And what a sweet quilt. I love the combination of hand and machine quilting, too.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

What an awesome accomplishment and beautiful quilt finish you shared today! :) And thanks for sharing about the new quilt bloggers hop, too.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

What a fantastic quilt! I hope Ann is already starting on her next quilt. Thanks for hosting!

SarahZ said...

Oh my! What a super sweet quilt and finish!!! And all hand quilted too!! Congrats Ann, and welcome back to this wonderful world of quilting! You couldn't have jumped back in with a better helper!!!

Karen said...

Oh, my gosh -- that is sew cute! Ann did a great job with her fabric selection, piecing, and quilting. I want to know what her next project is going to be.

Lara B. said...

What a wonderful story and quite a thrill to read about too! Ann's Dog Gone Cute Quilt is very awesome! Even after that long of a break, she sure had no problem turning out a beautiful quilt! Lucky and Xena definitely are Poster Pups for this quilt!

Baa. xxx said...

Wow! Serious - doesn't quilt for 30 years and then produces such a wonderful quilt. That's amazing! She has done a fantastic job. Her
grandchild will have a quilt full of memories.

Ioleen said...

WOW!!!!! Great job Ann.

JanineMarie said...

Back again! Congrats on your win with Banff National Park, Lorna!!!

Turid said...

I love those doggies, when they are in your quilt. Else I'm a bit afraid of them.

lalaluu said...

Excellent and timely post! I have just completed by Dog Gone Cute quilt top and am wondering how to quilt it! Love the doggie paws and the cute doggie pic!

Nancy said...

Your pups are so cute, and how great that you hand quilted them! Fabulous!
--Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

Paige said...

Ann didn't skip a beat when she started quilting again! One lucky grandbaby to get the sweet pups!

Carole said...

Lorna, What a cute pattern and Ann did such nice job on her quilt. It's still on my to do list, I think it just moved up to the top to do first. Thanks for all you do.

Sewmotion said...

Oh those doggies are so cute, great choice of fabrics too! It feels so great when you've inspired someone to take up or come back to our amazing craft - does she know it will now take over her life!? :)

Rachel said...

Lovely! I especially like the little paw prints.

Daytona Damsel said...

I really like the fabrics Anne chose for Dog Gone quilt. And Kudos to you for helping. You are a selfless giver and I appreciate your help when I first started blogging.

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