1 October 2013

Runner Up!

Monday morning came and went.  I had a fresh new day to myself and was eager to cut into my new Christmas fabrics.  On Friday I finished Christmas Runner #1 and I was ready for #2.

I had a plan.  Equilateral triangles and Christmas trees were on my mind.  But since I have never pieced triangles before, I resisted the urge to cut the pretties and went back to the uglies - just in case.

And it was a good thing too.
Because the plan wasn't behaving and I ended up just sewing them into these rows and adding some patchwork squares.  Ta, da!

Plan B:  When Plan A failed, I went into a completely different direction.  Of course, I choose to work with another shape I have no experience with.  The Hexagon!

Two of my new fabrics were telling me they needed a fussy cut plan.  I am taking on machine sewn hexagons using the tutorial by Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie Studio here.

I am not sure how large my version is going to be.

But please.... Wish me luck!

Only 84 big sleeps to go now!

Keep On Quilting On!


Jessica Hadden said...

I don't think you really need it but Good Luck!

Anne said...

The runner looks great, Lorna. I love the snowman fabric you used on the back. Good luck with the next one! :o)

Vicki said...

Good luck girlfriend!! This runner turned out spectacular! You're sewing these up so fast...my head is spinning!!

Rita@PinPrickedFingers.com said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will be lovely!

AHHHH! 84 sleeps! I better skip a few to get things done!

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

Good luck! (I see the cardinals in there..... )

Melissa at My Fabric Relish said...

Good luck! It will be beautiful, I'm sure!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I'm sure it will be lovely Lorna. Love the scrappiness of this table runner. Hope to share some of mine soon.

John Main said...

Looks amazing! I love the triangles. Good sewing with the hexagons.

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