13 September 2013

Gone Fishing! Slow Progress and a Mistake

Progress has been slow on the Gone Fishing baby quilt because I have been busy with another project.

Home improvement.

Our Blue room has had a leaky roof for many years.  This leak was coming from the stove pipe that went directly through the ceiling.  I creatively constructed an indoor eave trough to direct the leak into a bucket.  But the leak got worse and the end wall at the bottom of the sloping roof, was getting ruined.  The window frames in that wall were getting rotten and looking dangerously close to falling out.  What had once been a great space, painted a calming, cheery sky blue, had become a depressing mess.

I nagged encouraged my cheap frugal husband into finally doing something about it.

We removed the old steel roof, replaced the rotting boards and reinstalled new steel sheeting.  Now the rest was up to me.

The hubby works full time and has been on midnights for the past two weeks, so he sleeps during the day.  And this past week he has slept through a lot of noise as I knocked out the rotten wall - one side at a time.....

And rebuilt the wall using new wood.....

Then installed new windows and put the siding back on. 

I also cut a hole in the wall and installed brand new stove pipe where the wood stove has been relocated.

As you can imagine.... My whole old body has been complaining about all this strenuous activity.  I am no spring chicken.  My knees, elbows and wrists are killing me.  And this has prevented me from being motivated to sew in the evenings.

I still have a lot of finishing up to do.  But am very pleased to know that we will soon be able to enjoy this room again.  The kids and I are most looking forward to having the Christmas tree put up in front of those new windows come December.  And I can't wait to get back to constructing quilts instead of constructing walls!

Meanwhile.... I was wondering if any of you can tell me.... What is wrong with this picture?

I have finished the word Gone.  And was about to start putting together the word Fishing, when I discovered a problem with this design.

 Can you tell where I made the mistake?


Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

OMG. I'm so impressed. There is pretty much zero chance I would take on a project like that. I'm not even sure I'd be comfortable knocking out the sheetrock on the INSIDE ONLY. Good for you - I hear you roaring all the way from here!

The fish are so darn cute! I don't know if I see what's wrong with the fishing or not - My guess? You are going to extend the sash between the two words so you dont have a weird connection shape?

Elise Lea said...

Wow I am stunned by all the work you did in your own home. I don't see why your husband was reluctant when he has a handy-woman who can do it for free!

The fishing quilt is turning out great! My guess is that the mistake is that little rectangle between the two sets of letters will be a pain in the butt to try and attach to other parts of the quilt. Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

You are going to have such a cozy room this winter. I love getting projects finished but they are no fun when you are in the middle of one. Love your Gone Fishing quilt and I haven't found your mistake yet.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

There was a time I would tackle those types of projects but thankfully I no longer need to do that. It looks great!

The word block is an easy fix. At least you didn't spell something wrong and not notice it until after it was quilted (Like me) Yeesh!

Jessica Hadden said...

I don't see a problem! Your fish need to take me to school! ;)

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

Whoa, Lorna! That home improvement project is quite an undertaking! as far as the words go- I have never done letters, so I have no idea where the problem might be. I have no doubt that it will look great when it gets done!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

ipatchandquilt said...

Oh my word! You are superwoman! I can't imagine tackling a massive DIY job like this myself!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

Vicki said...

Do you mean to say that YOU have been doing all that work alone? You are women....

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