21 February 2020

Meet the Yippies

These google eyed guys are fun to make!

My Yippies quilt is finally quilted and bound....

And will begin it's journey across the pond come Monday.

I used solids pieced from any "full width of" that I could find in my stash.

I used 3" squares folded into triangles for hanging tabs on the corners.

And quilted in grey both on top and in the bobbin .

Organic wavy lines using my walking foot.

I adore the saturated text prints.
Little words can say a lot.



"Yippies" finished at 18" square.

This fun little mini quilt is going to a special friend I have made on Instagram. Her name is Alison @aash113 and you can follow her here. She has made me a mini too!!! Click here to seeeeeee!!!!! 

Wanna make your own "Yippies"?

WEE Block Finishes 5” x 14.5” 
BIG Block finishes 10” x 29”

3 WEE Block MINI Quilt is 18” x 18”
3 BIG Block BABY is 36” x 36”

12 WEE Block BABY Quilt is 39” x 39”
12 BIG Block FULL Quilt is 78” x 78”

You can find the pattern here.

Keep On Quilting On!

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Katie said...

OMG. I might have to call in sick to work tomorrow to make this quilt!

Emily said...

Wow, this is beyond cute! Makes me think of Sesame Street and the monsters of my childhood. Love it so much!!!!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

These are so adorable! Those eyes are perfect!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

yip yip yip
My daughters will love these guys on a quilt. I have to make some for my grand girls

Kathy said...

These are so cute! They seem to each have their own personalities! What a fun quilt for a toddler, and looks like a fun make!

Kristin Stonham said...

Yip Yip Aliens~! Eee, so cute! So awesome!

Kathleen said...

Just adorable and what a fun quilt for a baby this would be! Of course, now I am off to watch some Yip Yip videos!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

clap, clap, clap These are adorable!!! Well done.

Andrea Charles said...

Lovely patterns, Lorna!! I also liked the colors used in the design. The google-eyed guys are fun to watch too. Keep filling your blog with excellent posts. Great going, Lorna!!

VasanthMusicCoimbatore said...

Thank you, Lorna, for the beautiful pictures of the quilts. Truly the Yippies patterns in the quilts are amazing. I liked the patterns and I will suggest the similar kind of patterns, maybe kites, to our music classmates, who are planning to make some quilts this weekend.

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