2 August 2019

Pork Chop baby quilt

This little piggy....

Makes me so happy! Look at those faces! 

The backing was pieced using some graphic black and white prints found in my stash.

The quilting was performed with edge to edge organic wavy lines made using my walking foot white plain white thread.

"Pork Chop" quilt finished at 38" x 44"

ordered from Ikaprint.

The Pork Chop pattern is available in my shop here.

Quilt finishes at 38" x 44". Blocks finish at 16" or 8" square.

image 1

Kayle says........  Keep On Quilting On!

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Nancy J said...

Those piggies are all smiles.

Dorothy said...

LOVE it !! (and yes, you and your patterns make me smile) :-)

Ioleen said...

Super cute piggies.

Kathy said...

Just adorable, I want to pinch their fat little cheeks! LOL!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

How precious - cutie pigs! Like it all front and back!

JanineMarie said...

Love these piggies, but that last photo! Dog Gone Cute in the flesh!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Those pigs are cute, but I keep looking at them and thinking that they need wings (if pigs could fly....). Funny how our minds work at times.

Margo Yang said...

Your Pork Chop quilt is super cute! I love the eye lashes.

Sandy Panagos said...

Pork chops, lamb chops, alpacas. It would be impossible to choose a favorite. They're all wonderful.

LA Paylor said...

OMG kayle is adorable

Linda in Arkansas said...

These piggys are so cute. And you pup, is Kaye a tipped ear rat terrier?

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