25 May 2016

Let's Bee Social #126

Welcome to the Let's Bee Social!

I must admit. I'm pretty lucky to have you for a friend.

Last week we had a brand new blogger join us for the Let's Bee Social linky party. I sent out the word to a few of my regulars around here, asking if they would offer her a warm welcome. You guys are like gold. The bestest quilting buds out there. THANK YOU all for taking the time to stop by Jen's blog at A Dream And A Stitch. Your visit and words of kindness shared in the comments make me very happy. And it is quite clear to me that I have some pretty amazing friends out there - in this great big global world of the online quilting community - of which I am so proud to be a part of. Thank you!

I started working on a new project.....

You know those little exercise wheels found in the cages of the hamsters in the pet store?

Well I don't have one of those... But I was certainly spinning around in my sewing room this week! This is My Pet Hamster in progress.

My Pet Hamster is another new pattern I've been working on. There are 4 different styles of Hamster blocks and 2 different sizes. The big Hamster blocks are 10" wide by 9" tall and the Baby Hamster blocks are half sized blocks that finish at 5" wide by 4.5" tall.

And the pattern also includes instructions for 6 different quilt sizes in all!

Just like with my Raccoon quilt pattern, I am making the Baby Hamster blocks into a mini wall quilt to match the big quilt. These little chubby cheeked critters make me smile!

No. These are not paper pieced.
The wee ones are a little challenging, but doable.

Hoping to share the finishes in a post on Friday when I will share all the details.

Meanwhile the My Pet Hamster pattern has been added to my shop.

I am offering 25% OFF everything until the end of May.
Minimum $10 purchase.

Use coupon code MAY25

It's your turn for Show and Tell!!!
What have you been working on?

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Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Oh Lorna, you are thoughtful in taking the time to ensure a new blogger is welcomed. As a blogger of only four months I know how hard it is, and how unsure you feel. There are so many wonderful blogs around I thought 'what can I add, how can I contribute'. It takes a while to find your feet. But thanks to you and all the other generous quilters who host the linky parties it soon becomes easier.
I do view at least a third of those who link up and comment on at least 4-6. If it is a small linky party I will visit everyone and comment on most. Where someone has a lot of comments I may not add to them, but instead comment on a blog who may only have a couple of comments. I always go back a day or two later to do this if I link early. It's nice to 'share the love'.

Deb@newcreativestate.wordpress.com said...

Thanks Lorna for being such a great host and supporter of bloggers. Your hamsters are too cute for words - just adorable!

Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

You are so good with the animal blocks. Just love them all. I may have to add a few of your patterns to my project to do list. The Hamster is another winner.

Heide said...

Lorna, The Hamsters are so cute, loving their chubby cheeks!

Kate said...

A very fun pattern. Those chubby cheeks are hard to resist!

Allison said...

Oh, I'm sure that mini hamster has the potential to give some headaches... but cute enough to be well worth the effort! More fun quilts in the making... have fun!

Tish Stemple said...

It's always nice to make new quilt bloggy friends! And those little hamsters, how can you not smile? After finishing up two crazy quilting projects this week, I'm thinking those furry little fluffs will be calling my name. Every time I made a dog block I held it up and barked at my husband. Wonder what sound hamsters make?

Pam @Threading My Way said...

You are such a friendly and supportive blogger, Lorna. It's been a while since I've linked to 'Lets Be Social'. Thanks for hosting.

Jayne said...

That's what friends are for!! I love the little chubby cheeks of that hamster and more times than not...I always feel like I'm running in a hamster wheel!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

So cute! And so timely, now that the Royals have a new pet hamster.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

And I think it's awesome that you not only provide a place for us all to "meet up" each week, but you take the time to visit and help us make these connections. <3

Lara B. said...

I love Kate's comment! Your linky party is what got me started too Lorna and I can imagine this is the case for many new quilt bloggers. You put so much work into this party and are a wonderful example to us all. I learned a lot just from watching what you do!
Those little hamsters are so cute with their chubby cheeks - it's just how one would picture a hamster too! An adorable pattern Lorna! I got a chuckle out of thinking of you spinning around your sewing room like you were running on a hamster wheel. Well no wonder you get so much accomplished then! LOL

Mari said...

What darling hamsters! I never had one, but I would certainly adopt one of these! You are so nice to welcome a new blogger. It is hard to find your 'voice' and getting comments helps a lot. I remember being surprised the first few times someone left a comment. It was a real rush and made me feel included. Like Kate above, I always try to look for people who have no comments and leave them one. That way everyone's included.

Rachel said...

Aw! Look at those chubby cheeks! :) I just added two of your pretty patterns to my stash. Can't wait to see what fabrics I have to make some cheeky little squirrels!

legato1958 said...

How utterly adorable!! These little fellows are so cute!! I love their little chubster cheeks !!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

Those hamsters are adorable!

Jen said...

Lorna (and everyone else)
Thank you so much for accepting me into this fantastic community!
I have been grinning ear to ear for a week now. :D
I am loving the linky party. It gives us all such a great opportunity to explore and make friends.
Everyone has been so kind and welcoming.
BTW-- Those little chubby hamsters are so sweet, I just want to pinch their little cheeks. :)

Turid said...

Ahh, how cute little hamster. And so lovely colours. Today I've linked a really social post.

Cut&Alter said...

These hamsters are just too cute Lorna!! My daughter, who I made the Dog Gone Cute quilt for, just saw them and is thinking about making something from them ... I hope she does!

Natureluvr57 said...

I love them! I used to have a guinea pig, chipmunks, gerbils and a hamster. Adorable. I'm gathering fabrics now to make the dog gone cute patterns for my friend. Her pitbull died from cancer and she has a new pitbull. They were different colors so I thought I would put one on each end of a table runner and use the Moda letters to spell their names. I hope I can finish it by her birthday in July.

Alli said...

I just recently learned what a link party is and this was the first one I joined! Too fun! I love finding other quilt bloggers, thanks for doing this.

Bernie Kringel said...

Lorna, I thought it was great that you took the time to do a round up of bloggers so that we could meet this new friend. So, thank you for your kindness.

The hamster is another adorable critter!

Glinda ♥ said...

You are such a wonderful supporter in so many ways! Popped over for a chat with Jen.
Nearly bought the hamsters but the dogs won today :)

Lisa J. said...

Thanks Lorna: It's great to have you as a friend as well. And you keep on bringing more and more cuteness into the world one animal quilt at a time....and you are so generous with your discounts . I managed to get in on it this time.

Jen said...

Your hamsters with the CHUBBY CHEEKS! So cute!! Thanks for hosting the linky party, I love seeing what everyone is up to! Thank you for your kind words, you are wonderful!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Another great pattern Lorna! I just love seeing all the fun animals you come up with.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

Hi, Lorna, This is the first linky party I've joined since beginning my blog. I think I have it figured out. At least I hope all the links work. While I don't have any fabric goodness to share this time, your readers might find my post interesting since it still pertains to quilting. Thanks. Karen

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