19 March 2014

Triangle Quilt Along - Week #1

Have you heard?  Triangles are trending!
Not just in quilting, but all over the place.
At least that's what my friend Paula told me....  And I believe her.

Paula is hosting the Triangle Quilt Along, which begins tomorrow, over at her blog, The Sassy Quilter.

Thanks to my AccuQuilt Go! cutter, preparing my pieces for the triangle quilt along has been a breeze.

And now piecing will be a piece of cake!

Keeping the triangles piled with the fabric grain running in the same direction is easy.
The two edges have those little notches on the bias sides.

I also won't have to trim all those points off the triangles as I go when piecing.
The equilateral die cuts the triangles with the points already removed!

GO! Equilateral Triangle-4 1/2" Sides (4 1/4" Finished) Item 55429

Using the AccuQuilt Cutter is fast and FUN!
And you can't beat the accuracy!

Don't have an AccuQuilt cutter?

Good news for you!

The Studio Cutter is now on sale...
     And the dies are 25% off!


The Studio Cutter is regularly priced at $595 and is on sale for $395 for a limited time.
That's an incredible $200 savings!!!

Don't these spring inspired triangles make you want to quilt along?

The Sassy Quilter

There is still time to sign up!
Paula has set up a Flickr group for sharing our progress pics.
And she has rounded up the most incredible prizes to keep you motivated!

I am linking up with Paula of The Sassy Quilter for the Official Sign-up and Share Fabric Selection during week #1 of the Triangle Quilt Along.

Join us!!!!
Keep On Quilting On!



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Daytona Damsel said...

I would love to have an accuquilt cutter but unfortunately I do not have the funds. :) Look forward to seeing your progress.

Vicki said...

Your triangles are looking great! Fun fabric choices. Can't wait to see progress photos.

Jacqui S. said...

Love the spring colours, and the triangles! will be watching for you on the sidelines.

Kim said...

The accuquilt cutter is one nifty invention....anything to make one's quilting life quicker and easier...right!! I love the fabrics you have chosen, they are bright and cheery. Your finished quilt will look a treat!!

Vera said...

Who need accuracy, lol. Just kidding. I wouldn't mind someone cutting my triangles :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful project! Great fabric selection!!!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

Lin's Quilts said...

I really like your fabrics. Especially the bones print!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

It looks like you're having fun with your triangles! The colors are fun and bright, the perfect thing for this first day of spring. I don't have a fancy die cutter, but this looks like it would be a fun quilt along. Too bad I have so many other WIPs

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your Project looks beautiful with so happy Fabrics! I have the GO!Baby cutter. It's great but I feel sorry about the waste fabric around the shapes. Have to think a NEW Project to use my cutter. x Teje

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

I so want to join you all but I have too much on my plate - though I suppose the kids could live on cereal for a week while I get it cleared off, right?

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

So building on this, Lorna - did you have a lot of waste from cutting yours out? It there a way to minimize it or make good sized scraps for something else? (Maybe a tutorial if you have a trick for this? ; ) I so want one, but just not sure it'll pay for itself if there's a lot of waste...

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Those are so bright and fun! Going to look great. That die cutter looks pretty awesome and a good deal!

Allison said...

I've always wanted to make a triangle quilt. I just love all the possibilities! I'm going to have to check out this QAL, but not sure if I can sign up and commit to it. I have so many other things on my quilty plate right now.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I'm joining...this cutter looks like a tempting purchase!!!

CeLynn said...

Why yes,I have heard about the triangle quilt along!(joined too I might add ;) However I will be having to cut my triangles out the old fashion way :( No cutter of the $ to buy one,maybe someday though! Your fabrics are all so pretty,I still need to make up my mind which fabrics to use...

Katie said...

Oh I just read about this QAL and I am excited to join in as I have a triangle quilt I was needing ot make soon and this is just the thing to get me going. --- Happy birthday BTW <:)

Brenda said...

Did you spray each of your fabrics before you stacked and cut them with Best Press or something?

Lin's Quilts said...

Do you know the finished height of the triangles? I am planning on using Inklingo and want to get things ready. Mine will be all purples.

Marly said...

Great fabrics, and that cutting tool looks like a time saver indeed.

Marci Girl said...

I have the Accuquilt Go!, but will joining along and just using my 60 degree ruler! I have to admit, your way is faster!

Unknown said...

I know there's concern about the waste, but once you use the accuquilt, the 'waste' is worth it. The accuracy is unbelievable, and there are ways to line up the fabric to minimize the waste. I measure the template and add a quarter of and inch for each side instead of the half inch they do. I also flip my strips around so the angles nest into each other. Accuquilt also saves a lot of wrist fatigue for those of you who cut and sew a LOT of quilts. Also, the Studio is really pricy, but there are two other options for cutters. The Go! and the Go! Baby. The Baby doesn't work with every die, but the Go! does. Studio dies are different the the Go! dies and they're more expensive. I've even heard that some libraries have cutters you can come and use like checking out a book. Lots of options to look into!

Sandie Rosenthal said...

Joining in on the QAL Triangle also. Thanks for showing your fabrics with the AccuQuilt.and for showing which Die here on your blog. I'll also be using my AccuQuilt for this project. Just have to find the fabric.

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