2 August 2013

Where, Oh Where, has my little package gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where can it be?

Well, I know where it's been....
It started out in Dallas, Texas on July 31st.  Left the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on August 1st.

From there it sat in Louisville, Kentucky for 5 hours and then made it's way to Mansfield, Ohio.
This morning the package made it's way up to Buffalo, New York.

Sew close!  Just across the lake is all!

It is now sitting in Mount Hope, Ontario!  I had never even heard of Mount Hope, but it is about an hour north of my place.  And I am about a half an hour north of Kitchener.

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What a teaser!  I have been awaiting this package since first hearing of my pattern acceptance on May 26. First the fabric line I had picked out was not available so I had to rework the pattern in a different line.
Now it will soon be HERE!

Waiting for this little box to arrive is just like waiting for Christmas morning!  Alas, another lesson in the patience department!

Better go quilt to make the time pass more quickly!


Cari said...

Haha, I obsessively track my fabric packages too. But I imagine the suspense is even higher for you this time! Hope it comes soon. :)

lissa said...

Oh my, what an adventure. If only the box could talk.

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

hahaha! Often my stuff ends up at the UPS hub about 10 miles from here and spends the weekend. That DRIVES ME CRAZY. :)

DianeLoves2Quilt said...

Aha tracking packages! My daughter loves to do it. In fact, if I send her a gift she would rather it not be a surprise so she gets the enjoyment and expectation of tracking the package!

Glinda ♥ said...

Patience m'dear, it's just teasing yourself to track!

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

Tehe! There's nothing worse than waiting for the delivery person :) Hope it's arrived by the time I hit the publish button!

Karen said...

I too have some packages I'm waiting for, I hope they get here before I go on holiday next week! I hope yours arrives soon! :-)

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