31 December 2012

Enchantment progress

I made it through Friday's shopping trip with the girls unscathed, but rather bored.  Five hours in the mall was at least four hours too long for me.  But I did get some more graph paper and made good use of my time.  I sat in the food court and drew up some quilty ideas.

We stopped at an art and craft store after the mall and I found some mini buttons.  I was pleased with that and grabbed 5 packs of them.  Been looking all over for minis!  They will make great eyes for little quilted critters.

I spent the entire day yesterday working on those pinwheel blocks.  I have to admit that I wasn't sure if the quilt was going to turn out to be as spectacular in real life as what I imagined.  But now that I am moving on to the part where I am sewing the blocks into panels, I am loving how nice it is turning out.  And am excited to see this quilt top finished!

But it has been very hard on the brain!  I now realize that if I was simply sewing the blocks into rows, it would be easy to line up the seams in order for them to 'nest' together.  Because I am making panels and using three different sizes of blocks.... That's another story!  Sew.....  Today I have drawn out the block layout and reversed it to show how it would look from the back.  Now I am doodling little arrows for all the seams.  What fun!

Decided to write up a pattern for this quilt and see if anyone else would be able to understand and follow the directions.  When the quilt is completed and I am done writing the instructions, I would like to see if I could sell the pattern.

Here are a couple shots of some of the panels....  (Sorry they are sew fuzzy)

 Thanks for stopping by!  Talk to you later when I have some more Sew Fresh news....


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