20 December 2014

Quick Christmas Pillows

My daughter, for some reason, has a thing for squirrels.  I mean how can you resist?  They are just so cute!  If you agree....  then you can't blame me when I splurged and bought these lovely little pieces on impulse.

Remember when I grabbed these during this shopping trip back a few weeks ago?

From the Norwegian Woods collection: Acornucopia, Hedgehoglets in Teal, and Two Nuts For Dinner in Multi.

I had a few pillow forms in my stash.  They were picked up last year during a 50% off sale.  And I thought it was high time I used a few of them up.  At first I considered making quilted cushion covers.  But I just couldn't bring myself to sewing across these adorable animals.  So I cut my pieces exactly the same size as the pillows, cut pieces for backing in the same sizes, and then overcast stitched the edges on all sides.

A hidden zipper looks so much more finished.  But this panel print wouldn't allow for that method here.  So I just added the zipper to the bottom of the pieces, like so.

Stitched that zipper into place on one piece.  Then lined up the second piece on top, matching up the corner to know where to start the other side of the zipper.

I made two BIG pillows for my kids last year here.  And did use the hidden zipper on one of those.

These three little pillows were made in one day.  Finishing up just in time, as the kids came home from their last day of school for 2014.  Let the holidays begin!

13" x 20"

14" x 14"

18" x 18"

It was such a pleasure to sit and sew the day away.  And end up with these three fast finishes.  Maybe I should schedule a few more play days for next year?!!!

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Wishing you all the very Merriest Christmas!
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  1. Love those cushion covers!!!

  2. I bet your daughter was very excited to see her new pillows! They really are adorable! You make the zipper look so easy. . . I think it might have to be the 'scary' sewing I try in 2015. . . :)

  3. The pillows are so cute! I really like the acorn print to match the squirrels. :)

  4. the squirrels are just too adorable-they will be loved for sure
    Merry Christmas

  5. The pillows are great! My son and I enjoyed watching one crazy squirrel digging up our front lawn today. They are pretty cute.

  6. These are so cute! I love taking a day here and there to do small quick projects :) Yay for your 3 quick finishes!

  7. Then you and your daughter should come and visit! We have a family of 4 squirrels that have their breakfast with us every morning! Nell does like chasing them (though she never gets too close) ... my brother's children were more excited by them than the Christmas party we had yesterday!
    You should DEFINITELY have more play days - you owe it to yourself :)

  8. Hurray for a cute finish! Have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.

  9. Good idea for the zipper. Enjoy the holidays ; )

  10. Cute pillows. Love the fabrics.

  11. These are all so cute! We all love squirells :) Well done!

  12. Very cute cushions and you're right those little animals are too nice to sew over :)

  13. Real cute pillows, like the zipper openings. I don't know how to do zippers. Ever think about a tutorial?

  14. Erin is such a cutie pie...I know she'll love these beauties! Great work.

  15. Super cute Lorna ... I bet your daughter squealed when she saw them! :)

  16. That fabric is too cute. I love EVERYTHING about it. Once I learned how easy it was put put a zipper in the edge of pillows it's been the only way I do pillows now!


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