21 October 2013

I Have Quilteritis

I have come to acknowledge that I am a hard core addict quilter.


I made this purchase on Thursday.  $365 Canadian.  Plus taxes.
This works out to $9.95 per meter or $9.13 per yard before taxes.
I think this was a fair deal.
Hope it lasts.

In other news....

As of Friday afternoon, this was the progress on the wolf blocks.
Yippee!  A completed top - displayed on my new $2 design wall!
I splurged and picked up a flannel backed table cloth from the dollar store.

Winter Wolves is the name I have decided to give this finished quilt top.
This little flimsy measures 60" x 65", a nice personal snuggle size quilt.

This morning, I laid out my backing material, which is fuzzy and has a little stretch to it, layered it with a piece of the new batting, and laid the Winter Wolves on top.
Because this backing is stretchy, I pin basted this quilt like I have never pinned before.
I was hoping this would help to prevent any puckers from forming or the quilt top from shifting while quilting.
Fingers crossed.  Stay tuned.


  1. Oh nice! I really need to figure out a design wall solution. But it has to be somewhere 2 and 4 year-old won't pull it down...

  2. Boy that's a big pretty roll of batting!

    Wolf quilt is turning out beautifully. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  3. Girl, you got it bad..and the roll of batting is proof! Wine helps with the sickness! LOL

  4. OOOhh...aawwwee!! This is a totally beautiful flimsy! It is going to be so cozy when completed. Great job girlfriend!!

  5. Ooooh, how I'd love to buy a giant roll of batting. And white and a few grey solids by the bolt, please!

  6. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  7. I have also ordered a lot of batting as my local fabric store will be closing in a few weeks. I do not know yet where to store it when it arrives.... It is big!
    I hope you will have a wonderful day!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. I'm sure you'll work your way through that huge roll very quickly!

    The wolf quilt looks fab. Well done. :o)

  9. I love that brand of batting. I actually ordered my first full roll of batting just a few months ago, though I split it with a friend.

  10. You are one sick puppy but you ain't the only one in the litter, you got friends! ;)

  11. I'm jealous of your roll of batting! Go you :)

  12. Congrats on the roll of batting. I got my first roll about 3 years ago and had to explain it to everyone who came over (since I sewed in the living room). But it's great to get a good deal and never have to run to the quilt shop for batting again.

  13. I love cutting batting off a roll! Economical and less leftover odd pieces. Enjoy it!

  14. Nothing better than getting a roll of batting...I ended up with a roll of Pellon, just because the price was less than half of the warm/natural. I'm happy with it. =)

    Great job on your design wall too.

  15. Nice! I have yet to buy that much because I can't settle on one I really love. I'm digging quilters dream in white at the moment, but reserve the right to change my mind with the next quilt! :D

  16. I was thinking I'd diagnose you with Lupus rather than quilteritis!! ;)

    What weight wadding is that? I could really do with a lighter weight one sometimes, but can only seem to find a thicker one locally.

    Keep up the great work!

  17. My my my, whenever the end strikes I think we all know where to turn for batting :)

  18. haha yeah when I bought my first roll of batting (which was two years ago and I still have it), I knew I was in for the long haul! Here's to MANY awesome quilts from that beautiful roll!!

  19. Oh you lucky duck! What a big fat bundle of batting lovelyness! Yummo! Please explain your $2 design wall to me..I am intrigued!


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