1 August 2013

Fabric Acquisition

Went to the beach yesterday.

Had to stop at the local fabric shop while there....  Of course.

The two bottom fabrics in the stack were my purchases for the day - 2 meters of each.  Bottom is my full price purchase: Stonehenge Kids - Undersea Adventures by Linda Ludovico for Northcott and the middle one was at half price and is Clouds from the Up, Up & Away! collection by Nanette Hilton for Northcott. 

Gotta love the bargain bin!

What I am wondering is...

Which cloud fabric do you think suits the fishies better???

Please help me decide!  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
And - until next time....
Keep on Quilting on!


  1. That middle one is a great cloud fabric, but I think the plain blue will balance better with the busy fish one. Check the blue shade, though, but here I think the top one is better, too. BTW, which quilt store managed to drag you inside?

  2. I like the top one best! The blue is just a smidge better with the fish.

  3. I also vote for the top one, I think it will really compliment the fish.

  4. Yep, top one. It compliments the blues in the fish and the middle one conflicts with it.

  5. Oh, wow, I am the odd one out...I like the middle one better. I think it provides better contrast.

  6. The top one matches best, but the middle one gives more contrast so the fishes stand out more. So it depends on whatyou want to do with the fishes! If they are a feature fabric, I would use the "clouds"
    Great fabric by the way! Love to work with the, too!
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    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  7. I think the top fabric matches better. Such cute little fishes.

  8. I like the top cloud the best. Thanks for linking up!

  9. I like the top one best :o)


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