7 December 2019

RU Ready4Winter? I am NOW!

RU Ready4Winter?

I am NOW! This sweet squirrel quilt makes me feel all cozy just looking at it!

I am so pleased with the combination of fabrics used for this quilt!!!

The acorns in that background fabric?!!!!!

I am simply NUTS about this quilt!

Those little itty bitty paw prints?!!!!

Adorable... Especially on the binding.

The backing is a bit of what was left of the paw prints and another sweet animal faces print I found lingering in my stash. Speaking of STASHES..... These squirrels certainly know how to pack their stash for the winter. Meanwhile, as much as I am trying to use mine up, every once in a while you gotta replenish!!!!

"RU Ready4Winter?" finished at 38" x 45"

This quilt is now listed in my shop, where you can find all of my quilted goods for sale.

If you are interested in making your own,
RU Ready4Winter? Full Pattern
 This pattern provides instructions for two sizes - 38” x 45” or 76" x 90"

Or if you're just a little NUTS....You might like the RU Nuts? Single Block pattern instead

The RU Nuts? Single Block pattern provides instructions for one size of the Squirrel and Nut Stash blocks and finishes at 12” x 27”


In the Sew Fresh Quilts' Santa Shop....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

ALL Squirrel related patterns 50% off this week only!!!

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  1. Lorna, your fabric details are totes adorbs. So cute. I am in awe at your latest flurry of work done. We have a new labrador puppy who is very "high horsepower" and my sewing has slowed way down. Sigh. Well I squeeze it in when I can and can't wait to try this pattern that I own. Love you!

  2. Patterns are so cute! Your picture is how I felt today with the stupid happenings. Take care


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