2 October 2017

Mini Quilts and a Quilted Pillow

My Pet Hamster mini quilt 24" x 26"

I have been feeling a little stressed lately. But sewing helps!

Even just ironing fabric helps.

My thoughts are all over the place.
I'm all over the place.

And this post is really all over the place.

These two mini quilts have been on my mental bucket list for quite a while now. So after finishing the Panda Please quilt I shared on Friday, I cut into those new fabrics I recently purchased and made up the Raccoon mini quilt shown below.

And the next day I made the My Pet Hamster mini quilt shown above.

Raccoon mini quilt 22" x 26"

It felt great to use some of those new prints before they settled into my stash for long. And I paired them up with some solids for the white and black and then the grey Tic-Tac-Toe from the Hopscotch collection by Jamie Fingal for RJR Fabrics was used for the background.

You can find the block pattern for the Raccoon here.
And the block pattern for the Hamster is here.

I have also been working on a new pattern called Kitten Kaboodle. The pattern calls for 6 kitten blocks, but I only wanted to make one kitten and then turned him into a quilted pillow.

Kitten Kaboodle quilted pillow 13" x 20"

I found some grey, pink and green Toscana from Northcott Fabrics in my stash from making the Jungle Friends quilt and used those for making the kitten. For the background, backing of the pillow and the binding, I found these leftovers from making the Ay, Chihuahua!

I found a zipper to match and made a hidden zipper closure.

Unlike when I bind a quilt, for this quilted pillow I sewed the binding to the front and then top stitched to finish from the back.

The quilting is organic wavy lines in white.

The "Kitten Kaboodle" quilted pillow finished at 13" x 20"
and was the 51st use of my 2nd edition of 100 labels
ordered from Ikaprint.

Here is how the Kitten Kaboodle quilt pattern is laid out.

Kitten Kaboodle with grey kittens and aqua collars 36” x 38”

Kitten Kaboodle with white kittens and blue collars 36” x 38”

Kitten Kaboodle with white kittens and aqua collars 36” x 38”

Kitten Kaboodle with white kittens and green collars 36” x 38”

Kitten Kaboodle with pink kittens and green collars 36” x 38”

I reached out to a few pattern testers for this one and Susie of Susie's Sunroom obliged. Please click here to see her mini Kitten Kaboodle quilt top!

You can find the Kitten Kaboodle pdf pattern here in my shop.

Keep On Quilting On!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling stressed. I hope the pressure relieves itself for you without too much extra pressure. Hugs!

  2. a grey kitten with green eyes, the sure answer to any problems. They are cute together.

  3. The chubby cheeks of the hamsters makes me smile! I agree about ironing fabric, it's a destresser!

  4. I sew to relieve stress too. Last week, I ironed lots of fabric and cleaned up my sewing room and felt much better after. have you ever considered embroidering some whiskers on your kittens?

  5. I like your white cats. I have been feeling a little stress the last couple weeks also - my late friend would always say "this too shall past" take some deep breaths and relax - hope your stress goes away.

  6. Cute little kitty blocks. Love their sweet faces - and this new design. I'm always so thankful for my sewing room - great therapy :)!

  7. Sewing is a great way to relieve stress, I hope everything settles down soon. Love those raccoons!

  8. Adorable new designs as always! I am constantly amazed at what you come up with. I especially love the raccoons with their shifty eyes.

  9. Those hamsters are the sweetest!!!! I love the kitties since I am a cat person:) Will have to get that pattern soon!

    I understand the stress thing! I wrote on my blog about burn out in my LA business just yesterday..... I had a sweet friend email me and tell me life is to precious and to cut back and enjoy!

    Give that stress upwards and enjoy life!

    Sending you a great big ol hug!!

  10. Aaaaw...I hope you feel better soon. Please know how much we all love your posts and your projects are always an inspiration.

  11. Raccoons and hamsters and cats, oh my! Those kitties are adorable. I hope everything works out properly to relieve your stress.

  12. And yet again... more adorable animals. Well done! I hope the stress goes away soon.

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