24 September 2017

Sunday Stash

I did it again. More Fabric = More Quilts. Right?

You've heard it before... "This year I have been working hard on using fabrics from stash for most of my projects." And I am repeating this to justify the fact that I need to replenish my stash. Makes me feel a little less guilty!

  • Heather Givens - Literary - Read Aloud Teal
  • Libs Elliott - Tattooed - Zoltar Teal
  • Libs Elliott Tattooed - Bright Eyes Light Blue
  • Libs Elliott Tattooed - Bright Eyes Light Purple
  • Cotton + Steel Lagoon - Lemur Forest Orchid
  • Lizzy House - Asterisk - Plum
  • Cotton + Steel - XOXO Dandelion

Working on incorporating some more modern prints into my stash.
And Clinton Modern Creative seems to be making that an easy task!

If I had to choose just one... I would choose those lemurs!
You just know that I am a sucker for anything animal.

I love the contrast those little black and white faces and striped tails provide!

And then there were these two pieces added to the cart.....

  • Brushline - Concrete
  • Cotton + Steel - Wolves - Grey

I added those because I had previously purchased the squirrels I shared with you in this post. I purchased the squirrels because I plan to make a new pillowcase for my daughter. So I had to add the wolves to make a pillowcase for my son, of course.

Once again, Darla provided me with a little gift for making the purchase. A package of sewing machine needles! That reminds me.... I haven't put in a new one for a while, so now I have no excuse. Better get on it!

This new fabric was purchased from Clinton Modern Creative

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  1. Beautiful! No guilt needed. You're just supporting the quilting industry :D And providing eye candy to the rest of us ...

  2. More fabric definitely means more quilts! I just love those pieces of Libs Elliot you picked up, and the lemurs... amazing!

  3. Lots of goodies there, gorgeous shades, and the wolves, a winner.

  4. I just spent some time on Clinton Modern Creative's website and I love their fabrics! My birthday is coming up and I know what my husband is getting me! I guess I better tell him.

  5. sometimes we just have to break down and add some more to the stash - I have a lot of old stuff and have been trying to use it but I must admit I am tiring of some of it

  6. o.k. Lorna: Did you buy yards? 1/2 yards? I'm just interested.

  7. Excellent choices... I"m drooling over here!

  8. NICE stash choices.
    I love all of the rich colors, the lemurs are so cute too

  9. Thanks to you, I checked out Clinton Modern Creative - LOVE the fabrics they carry (and some of them came to live at my house!)
    Also, saw your Canada 150 quilt at the Brussels fair / IPM. Congrats on your win!

  10. I think the shop needs to create a feature to just duplicate Lorna's order! I love your eye for colors and patterns and share your love of animal prints. Those lemurs are amazing!

  11. Love, love, love your designs.


Your kind comments certainly make my day!