13 July 2016

Let's Bee Social #133

Welcome to the Let's Bee Social!

Before I go any further....
I just want to say THANK YOU!!! so much for participating in the Great Big Giveaway. All of the winners were announced on Saturday in this post. And I want to thank you to also for all the gracious comments left on that post!!! I had a lot of fun running the giveaway. And am looking forward to doing it again soon.

More news about the Modernitional Bear Paw quilt progress....
I have completed all the blocks. Here the pile is ready for sashing.

Rows! I am finally making rows!!!

Here are the paw print border blocks.

I am confident the pattern is now complete and correct. But I would love to have a few volunteers who would like to try out the pattern. I am looking for people to double check the cutting charts, look over the assembly instructions and possible test out one of the smaller sizes. If you are interested, please contact me by email and put Bear Paw in the subject line.
Looks like we have a ton of volunteers!
Thanks to all who offered! 

In other news.... 

I received an email inviting me to be a vendor at the International Plowing Match that will take place in Harriston, Ontario this August. And I said YES! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to connect with some quilters (and some other quilting farmers) and to have an adventurous and fun weekend. I really have no idea what to expect. I have never been a vendor before. And I don't usually attend anything larger than our own local fall fair. So it's a bit scary.... But I am so excited!

It's your turn for Show and Tell!!!
What have you been working on?

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners, I hope you enjoy your spoil. Lorna you are so well organised, those lovely neat piles of blocks, so methodical. It looks so interring too, you really hit your niche with your lovely patterns. I'd love to help you out with your patterns, it would be a way of paying you back for everything you give to others :)

  2. I am loving how your bear quilt is coming together.

  3. love the photo with the bear and the bear claw blocks hanging off your ironing board. :-)

  4. Love when the rows of a quilt top come together, and it is so neat to see your bear actually taking form now with all the other pieces of the quilt too. It is going to be a beautiful quilt!!

  5. Your bear paws are looking great, Lorna! I have a stack of languishing bear paw blocks in my UFOs that I need to get back to... When I get a Round Tuit. :-) Have fun in Ontario!

  6. How fun... the plowing match will be a great experience I'm sure!

  7. looking forward to seeing your bear paw blocks come together, it has been awhile since I made that block and of course I didn't have animal footprints for a unique border.

  8. Maybe I will see you at the match- we currently live in the big city of Listowel!

  9. This quilt is making me excited for the pattern release!

    huge congrats on the Plowing Match. I am too busy to get down for it this year, but I will send my Mom to your booth :) I was approached to be a vendor at the Massey Fair which is one of the province's largest - I'm working hard to make a good impression...but it is rather intimidating :)

  10. International Plowing Match?! I had to go read up about it! I hope you have a wonderful time and that your first experience at being a vendor is a huge success. :) <3

  11. Okay, I'm really interested in the plowing match, hope you're going to send photos. I guess you'll take your wonderful patterns. I know everyone is going to LOVE them - they are so wonderful and happy-making. I like the word modernitional, btw.

  12. Ha you're funny, sewing ROWS!! Drat, Google-mapped Harriston, and it's a little too far from me...all the very BEST being a vendor, may the goddess of vending smile upon you!

  13. Wow, what progress on the bear paws! Vending at the plowing match and quilt show looks like it will fun. And as always, thank you hosting the party!

  14. you will do great at the plow show I'm sure. All the venders stay busy at the farm and horse shows here. Good luck.

  15. Maybe we'll see you at the plowing match Lorna. I hope it goes well for you!

  16. Your bear paw quilt is on my quilt bucket list. It is so creative! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  17. Holy cow what an undertaking! But it's super cute! Can't wait to see it completed :)

  18. Your sewing is so neat--even your stacks are neat! Congrats on the invite!

  19. Ahhh... I love it when blocks finally make it to rows! I've always been drawn to a bear paw block, but it's somehow not managed to make in my project lineup. So exciting that you had so many volunteers!

    Well, Lorna, it appears that you might have opened up a can of worms... you may have started out speaking at small fairs, but once word gets out, you might need to plan for some larger non-local speaking events! In any case, have a great time and enjoy your spot in the limelight!

  20. Those bear paws are so cute!! Congrats on the big show, I've also got my first 'biggie' coming up, but I do love the sound of your 'plowing' show!! Good luck x

  21. Thanks for hosting the big give away. It was so much fun checking in each day and playing along. Congrats to all the winners! Look at those pile of blocks! You are going to have a finished top before you know it. Your vending even will be here before you know it. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and there will be lots of happy quilters to see you. Man, if only WV were closer.


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