13 April 2014

Sunday Stash

Happy mail....

How can you not "Have a Happy Scrappy Day" when you receive happy mail?

From my good friend, Lisa of Port Hope.
This delectable selection was offered in her Happy Birthday to Me and You giveaway.


I have no idea what to make with these.........   Yet!

What a fitting set up to show off some other Happy Mail that arrived the same day!

I am now an official member of the Modern Quilt Guild.  I noticed that Lisa was displaying the MQG badge on her site, so I made some inquiries.  She kindly explained that even if you don't have a guild nearby, you can still sign up as an individual member.  So I did!

From: Port Hope, ON To: Listowel, ON

Lisa, in Port Hope, (Ontario, Canada) and I, just west of Listowel, live 250 km apart.
This is estimated to be a 3 hours drive.
To meet in the middle would result in us each driving to Toronto.

And while in Toronto.......
It would only be fitting for us to drop in to the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop!
How would you like to have some of this bright happy?

Come back HERE Tuesday to enter the Sew Sister's Quilt Shop GIVEAWAY!
Perhaps you will be receiving some Happy Mail, too!

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Keep On Quilting On!


  1. Happy mail indeed! Especially love those Botanique......

  2. Those Botanique fabrics are beautiful; enjoy using them.
    Thanks for the tip about Tuesday, and next time I'm in Toronto I'll visit the Sew Sister's Quilt Shop! The last time I was in Toronto was 11 years ago and I didn't quilt then. Since then I've been saving for my next trip to Canada, and buying fabric. Unfortunately the two don't go together well!

  3. what a tease - yes I will come back on Tuesday, I have you on my reader so I know when you post :)

  4. Wow! I see some fussy cutting in your future :)

  5. Such a lot of pretty fabrics! I love happy mail!

  6. Ooh, great idea! Enjoy your fabrics and maybe we'll meet in person someday soon!

  7. Your mail was sew great it made ME happy! Yummminess galore!

  8. Ooh, that is a good mail day! I haven't seen these, and they are delicious! :)

  9. I am making a 2 inch hexi quilt with Joel Dewberry fab...LOVE IT!!! And well, ya know how much I love my happy mail::) COngrats on your new membership!!! Off to check out the give-away...thanks for sharing Lorna! :)

  10. Oh what beautiful fabrics. Happy mail indeed!

  11. Stopping by from MS linky Sunday Stash report.

  12. Oh fun! I'll be back, lol.

  13. So, I told you I joined my local MQG...turns out we are no longer part of the mothership:) So I went and joined as an individual too! Waiting on my pin:) I will stay in the other...still fun. Your stash looks so yummy! and how fun if you two get to meet up.

  14. The card is adorable and the fabrics are beautiful. What a wonderful giveaway. The Botanique actually spoke to me. They said "find us". Another fabric said the same thing. It's in the first photo, at the top, left side of the card. It's a geometric print with interconnected wheels. Do you have the name for that one?

  15. Wow, I wish we only had 1 1/2hr to drive to meet 1/2 way! That really was happy mail! Gorgeous goodies. I'm not worried about you, you'll come up with the perfect project for these beauties.

  16. Happy mail.Your stash is fabulous!

  17. I have been thinking about joining as an individual all your happy mail! I am sure that you will have a plan for the new fabrics soon :)


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