11 December 2013

New Patterns & Concepts

New patterns.....  Well I have to admit, I have never followed a pattern.  I have seen them in books and magazines.  But never made a quilt from a pattern made by anyone else but me.

New concepts....  On the other hand, are things I have been tackling since day one.  My Krazy Katz quilt, being the first quilt I ever made, was obviously filled with new concepts!  It was a combination of piecing and applique.  Borders and binding.  It was ALL new to me.

But I did finish it.  And I learned sew much!

I learned how to piece.  How to do turned applique by machine.  How to baste a quilt.  How to quilt with the walking foot AND to made my first attempt at free motion quilting.  And I learned how to make and apply binding.

And I learned something else.  Something very important and dear to my heart.
I learned that I was born to quilt!

And I dove right into that quilty pool!  All kinds of applique.  Some basic piecing.

  I found out that sewing curves was actually fun!

Thank you, Leanne of She Can Quilt!!!!

  Sewing hexagons by machine... 
Well, they turned out to be oblongagons in my case, but..... 

New patterns and concepts challenge us to keep on learning.  To keep building on our skills.  To take on something we have never tried before.

  And to keep us inspired to make something new.  And create something wonderful.  And to have a great time doing it........  Because we tried!

I sure hope that I will help to encourage and inspire you to try something new.
And to create something wonderful.  Because, if I can do it....  YOU CAN, TOO!
I believe in YOU!

This theme for this weeks' link up over at Jessica's blog - Quilty Habit - is New Patterns & Concepts.  This is part 3 of the Sewing With Certainty Series.  You aught to check out all the others who have linked up this week and read their thoughts on the subject.  While you're at it, if you haven't been following along, click on the pretty picture to visit Jessica.  From her page you can click on all the past weeks' link ups!

Keep On Quilting On!


  1. Great to see your first creation and how you've learnt from your projects. I'm tackling something new at the moment (only a cushion) but I'm actually really enjoying it because it's all a challenge :)

  2. These are all so great and those kitties are amazing!!

  3. Great post! I love your enthusiasm for new projects :D I especially love the oblongagons :)

  4. Okay I have picked out the fabric for my oblangongongon quilt but I keep procrastinating. Seeing yours again reminds me why I want to make it. It is totally fabulous.

  5. I wanna know how you do turned applique by machine! Mine never quite comes out how I want. :)

  6. Great post! I am so new to quilting that everything that I try is new to me, and I learn as I go. Your quilts are all very lovely and I hope one day I feel brave enough to do a quilt with curves! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Your work is totally outstanding! You are definitely 'born' to quilt. Learning something new is absolutely the best. Thanks for being such a terrific cheer leader!

  8. I'm totally the opposite in that I've never created my own pattern. I've always used a pattern even if I tweak things here or there.

  9. Wow. These are great quilts. Talk about diving right it on that Krazy Kat quilt. Very nice.

  10. That's a very impressive first quilt ever!

  11. Fabulous quilts I think your hexagons are great! I haven't attempted them yet. This was a wonderful,positive post to read and takes pieces from to apply to my attitude toward quilting as well! It IS a fantastic feeling to be a quilter!!!!!

  12. Am I ever glad you linked up with Lee today! Totally going to buy your Sew Retro Baby pattern, because I've been searching and searching for just the right pattern for some fabric I have and this is finally the one!

    LOVE it! Great job on the design!

  13. Your creativity oozes out of that first quilt you made! How awesome is that for a first :) I have tried to use a pattern but never seem to stay on the path... Hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep up the blogging... Love your encouraging spirit! Kathi

  14. One of the things I love most about quilting is that it offers so many avenues for creativity, and there is always something new to learn (you know, if you can find the time, ha!). I really enjoyed reading all about your first quilt!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  15. I'm just like you! I always end up making my own quilt patterns! The only quilt I used a pattern for was (is) the Dear Jane Quilt. But I really love your retro baby quilt. I might give a try making something like that. And loved how your cats turned out on your first quilt! Makes me want to sew cats like yours all over :)

  16. Love your work Lorna! I for one am glad you jumped it:)

  17. Yes, I think quilting is part of your destiny! You know I'm a fan of your oblongagons!

  18. My daughter and I decided we like the cat quilt the best. I agree, the best thing about quilting is that once you know the techniques, you can go in so many directions with your creativity.


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