23 October 2013

Lucky Me - Part Deux!

I know... I know.... Don't hate me.

It was only five days ago that I posted here how it has been years since I got lucky
and how that has all changed.

Apparently....  I meant it!

My good quilty friend Jennifer, who blogs at Glinda Quilts, was having a giveaway to celebrate her two hundredth post.  She is a wonderful, talented girl who makes lots of pants bags
and quilts (of course) and thoroughly enjoys online quilting bees.

Jennifer is one of those people you just wish lived right next door.

I don't even remember how we 'found' each other.
But we have been bloggy quilter friends for quite a while now.  We even became facebook friends.
Jennifer lives in London, England.  And I live in Ontario, Canada.

Now, Ontario also has a city named London, after the one in England, no less.  I'll never forget how excited (and then disappointed) Jennifer was when I once announced that I was taking my daughter and her girlfriend shopping in London.  Yes, London, Ontario not London, England.  I mean, I wish!

Well yesterday a sweet package arrived from London! Yes, the one in England!
Enclosed was the sweetest note, a spool of thread,
and these four fabby and fun Christmassy fat quarters.

And just in time, too!
As of right now, there are only a mere 62 days left until Christmas.

I'm thinking one table runner for the Etsy Shop and one for my Mum.
Yes, that's the Londoner's way of saying Mom by the way.

What would you make?


  1. oooooohhhh, lucky lady! have fun creating something Christmassy!

  2. What a nice gift. You are one lucky girl.

  3. Those are beeeyoootiful fabrics, Lorna. Can't wait to see what you do with them. :o)

  4. What a lovely surprise! I'll look forward to seeing what you make :)

  5. Oh man, I never win! What a great surprise. I think your idea of a table runner is great! A tree skirt or a pillow cover would be fun too!! Congrats on winning!!


  6. Congratulations, that is SUCH a cute package!! :D Now you have 62 days to figure out what to do with it. ;)

  7. You are just tooooooo kind! I wish I lived next door to you too, sweetie, what quilting mischief we would get up to :)
    Glad the parcel arrived safely, Mr Postie and Mr Mailman did a good job, I look forward ( as always ) to seeing what you create x

  8. 62 days? that's a lot of time for me to get distracted! However, you have no doubt just started on lots of Christmas Merry Making!

  9. Lucky! Love those penguins especially.

  10. Lucky Lorna! Looks like the makings of a pretty table runner for Christmas.

    When I was a child, my family moved from Ont. to Sask. and I loved telling kids that I was born in London. They automatically thought I meant London, England and I thought I was pretty clever. ;o)


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