11 June 2013

Kittens now a Craftsy Pattern

What started out as a fun break turned out taking up most of a week.  But I am happy with the results.

And have just added the pattern to my Craftsy pattern shop.

It has been a busy week otherwise...  Did some spring cleaning on the blog....  Been doing my best to keep up with all the emails and blog hopping with Plum and June's....

And I've been helping my mother to restore a quilt her mother made over 30 years ago.  I will be posting about that soon - if it ever quits raining so I can get some photos!

I am also anticipating the arrival of a shipment of fabric to whip up a recipe for the Moda Bake Shop.
Sew much excitement!

Lastly, my daughter will be leaving at 6:00 am for a class trip to Quebec City.  Sew this Kitten had better call it a night and get herself a cat nap!


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    1. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment! I appreciate it!

  2. Isnt that how it always goes! The simple quick things get so big so fast! Enough to make you crazy. It worked out though, the kitties are super cute!

    1. I sure appreciate your visit and see that you completely get it! Things can get kind of hairy when your working on quilting cats! Ha,ha!

  3. This pattern is right up my alley, Lorna. I've added it to my wishlist on Craftsy.

  4. Those kitties are too cute! I like the NEW LOOK, well done.

    1. Thank you sew much for all the compliments! Especially for the one concerning the new look. I was afraid my spring cleaning may have stripped me clean of personality... Glad you like it!


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