2 June 2013

Kitten gives me a Fun Break

Hello, Kitten... First attempt at a new idea.

This is something I started on yesterday afternoon and worked on after lunch again today.  It is all raw edge applique.  I just top stitched next to the edges.  Then free motioned loopy loops on the beige rose background and did some tiger stripey details on the kitten.  Unfortunately... they don't show up very good.

But I am not a terribly experienced free motioner, sew I thought blending the thread would be best on this first attempt.  Next run will be using some contrasting thread.

Totally honestly... I got this idea while browsing and googling for cat quilts and found this cat quilt pic here.
Now there was no pattern for sale and one of my Facebook fans was interested in getting a pattern.
I decided it would be reasonable to copy the method, but not the actual cat.

Making this kitten helped me to get a feel for how to make one, but I need to make some changes.  Like the detail on the kitten's paws.... There is too much.  It is too fiddly....  I've got to simplify.

I can also see that the background I chose is not fading into the background enough and the fabric chosen for the kitten itself is too dark... But I love those blue eyes!

If Karen Oyler is reading this... Send me a private message on Facebook here.  OR comment on the Sew Fresh Quilts facebook status update announcing this blog post.  I need your address!  Your kitten awaits!

Keep it quilty....
Lorna <3


  1. Love the roses in the background, makes the kitten really pop. Looks great for a first try. I hope you get that address!


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