15 January 2013

Wireless is wonderful!

Yee Haw!  We're free!  No more phone line, dial up, and wait....

Today, our third site survey resulted in success.  We are wireless and have wi-fi.  My daughter is in her ipod glory.  And my son is eagerly awaiting the purchase of a wireless adapter for his Xbox 360 so he can finally game online.

Check off item number one on my list of New Year's Resolutions!

Guess who's getting help with the dishes?


  1. Sounds like your family is all very happy :) Congratz on the wi-fi! Love all the quilty goodness I scanned through while reading, that chain link (I think you called it) is gorgeous! Happy Quilting. Don't you just love getting to blog and share the fun things we make ;)

    1. Thanks, Mallorie! Yes, we are all very happy with the wi-fi and no more waiting. I am new to the blogging and google+ thing. It will now be 'sew' much easier to get familiar with it all. Talk to you again!


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