Mini Mini Quilts

They all say that bigger is better......
But I beg to differ. Tiny can be so satisfying!

A mini mini quilt is any quilt that is 6" x 6" or less in diameter. They can be pieced, paper pieced, woven, applique or whole cloth. Anything goes! Use your imagination!
The mini mini quilt craze has been sweeping across Instagram for a while now. Not all of us are on Instagram, so I thought it would be great if we could ALL participate in the party.

Here you will find the Never Ending Mini Mini Quilt Linky Party. I am hoping you will give mini mini making a try. I had so much fun making wee little mini mini quilts.
And now have plans for so many more!

Don't be shy!

Link up your mini mini quilt finishes below.

The more the merrier!

How do you feel about tiny piecing? 
Want to join us for the mini mini quilt party?

Keep On Quilting On!

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1 comment:

Jane Holbrook said...

Lorna, You have outdone yourself in adorableness. I think these are great. I hope you will do minis of all your critters. You are inspiring in your creativity and productivity! I like your cross eyed cougar, reminds me of that cross eyed lion. There are no mistakes, just jazz. xo

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