28 November 2016

Sew Fresh Quilt Bee - November Link Up

It's time for the first Sew Fresh Quilt Bee linky party!

I am really having a wonderful time working on these Bee Blocks!

I don't usually sew without a plan already laid out. But I am finding this improv style of piecing to be nice and relaxing. Not a whole lot of though or planning going on here. I am keeping my charm squares whole and am piecing in a wonky slab block style.

First I found some scraps in prints and solids that went with the colours found in the charm squares. Then I added a slanty bit to the side of each charm and trimmed them top and bottom in preparation for the next scrap.

Then I added a bit more, in no set order. Each time trimming before adding a little more. If my scraps weren't wide enough, I would piece them together. Then I trim the block to 12 and a half inches square.
Here are my first three blocks that I showed you earlier this month.

So that brings my total to 11 finished blocks. I have 21 more charms to go, for a total of 32.

Are you joining me for the Sew Fresh Quilt Bee?!!!

I'm happy to have you join the hive! To read all about the Sew Fresh Quilt Bee click here.

I am partnering with Rita of Fabric Please! for this very worthwhile cause.

If you would like to participate,
and put the Sew Fresh Quilt Bee button on your blog!

Grab button Sew Fresh Quilts
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And join in the linky party!

Keep On Quilting On!

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Nancy J said...

They look great, and a super way to use those scraps.

Little Quiltsong said...

I love how you kept the full charm size in the center of your block - a focal point and theme - then added the other colorful scraps around in some awesome shapes and sizes. These are beautiful.

Fabric Please! said...

Those look amazing, Lorna! I love how this is turning out!

Sandra Walker said...

I really like your blocks! Having worked more on my Scrap Vortex this past weekend, I totally get you on the relaxed, no worries style of piecing! Would love to join in, but just too many projects on the go at the moment. I'll keep it on the backburner list ha!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Your blocks are lovely Lorna. I now have my fabric thanks to the lovely and very kind Bernie from Needle and Foot so I will have some blocks to share very soon.

Bernie Kringel said...

Ok - this is the kick in the pants I needed. I have the fabric and will get busy. Back to link up soon!! Does the link up stay open to a certain time?

Patch the Giraffe said...

These are really cool so far. Love the colors and how the blocks are turning out. Cannot wait to see this one finished.

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